Wednesday, August 27, 2014

holding on to summer

the back to school pictures are popping up all over the place.
september, autumn, pumpkins beckon.
routines, shoe-lace tying and lunch box packing loom.
but no, not yet.
we will spend these last few days soaking up every last bit of bare feet,
cooking out, campfires, bathing suits, bikes, friends and ice cream.
and oh how i'll be breathing deep their sweet summer scent of sunscreen, sweat and bug-spray. 
dear summer, please don't go.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

hoot hoot...she's 8!

a few bits from ella's starry night 8th birthday party...
owl crafts, twinkle lights,  bon fire, a dark sky,
movie on the lawn and sweet friends!
hoot hoot...she's 8!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

a happy happy place

happiest of happy places on the planet...
thank you tangerini's for this most beautiful treasure!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

little almanzo

bennett and i are reading farmer boy in
laura ingalls wilder's little house on the prairie series...

"mama i'm just like almanzo now."
yes you are little farmer boy, yes you are.
oh how he loves these chickens, checking for eggs, 
picking veggies, digging for worms and 
wishing he only had to take a bath on saturdays just like almanzo.
my little little farmer boy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

read-a-loud fun: the bfg

some more roald dahl family read-a-loud fun with,
the bfg....the big friendly giant.
a story of giants, dream chasing, snozzcumbers and adventure!

the bfg is a story of a 24-foot tall giant, 
with superhuman hearing, immense speed, 
long dream catching nets and a home filled with jars of dreams.
unlike his 9 man-eating giant neighbors who spend their nights 
snatching-up and eating sleeping children, 
the bfg spends his nights catching and spreading dreams 
and joy to children around the world. 

our butterfly and fishing nets were perfect for chasing dreams.
twinkling swirling dreams filled with adventure, treats and all our wildest imaginations.
can i just say how much fun it is to have little jane 
joining us in our adventures now?
as you can see, she was quite captivated and imaginative in her make believe dream catching!

since the bfg doesn't eat sleeping children,
his menu consists only of giant country snozzcumbers.
of course they aren't nearly as tasty as our own garden grown cucumbers,
but we had some fun in the garden gathering snozzcumbers for the bfg.
oh and when coupled with frobscottle pop they create some real smelly whizzpoppers (farts).

then it was time to go on our hunt for the 9 man-eating giants,
butcher boy...
and one other who surprised us while on our hunt...
the daddy giant!

luckily the scary giant in our backyard
turned out to be a big friendly giant instead...
happy reading and adventuring friends!