Sunday, December 6, 2015

peace this advent

i didn't learn that there was another 
shooting in our country until thursday night.  
i somehow missed it.  
the hum and blur of life keeping the news 
of the tragedy from my ears and eyes.  

but then i heard, and my heart shattered.  
fear set in. 
like it it did three or so weeks ago when the paris' tragedy 
felt so very close to home. 
hearing while home on US soil when
meant to be there on way back from brussels.

today our family was invited to light the advent candle 
and lead the reading at this morning's service. 
a christmas advent reading that today on the 2nd sunday of advent 
is so very close to our heart, our lives, our country, our world.  
dear lord please we pray for peace.

today's reading...

Our Advent journey is blessed with PEACE.
Much like the people of Israel who knew hardship and years of strife, the world we live in is
filled with conflict. All around us are signs of anger, hatred, greed and distrust. Personal
relationships, communities and entire nations are damaged by a lack of tolerance,
understanding and compromise. Peace is something we long to experience, but at times it
seems to be an unattainable dream. However, Isaiah spoke of one a righteous one who would
bring peace.

From the book of ISAIAH
The wolf shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the goat, and the calf
and the lion and the yearling together, and a little child shall lead them.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

birthday outing and mama moment

we celebrated little janie's 3rd birthday 
with an outing to the zoo.  
we had a super fun day.

but i also had a moment.
one of those kid birthday mama moments.
yes, because i can't believe my baby is three.
but this particular moment was centered around logistics.
actually the utter lack of logistics.

you see, we didn't even decide to go to the zoo until mid-morning
due to our post-turkey day daze.
but realizing it was 65 degrees, we decided the zoo would be 
a fun outing for our birthday girl. 

so we got dressed.
then we got into the car. 
we swung through starbucks for a caffeine treat.
we drove the hour while belting out about 50 hellos with adele.

when we arrived at the zoo, we parked, we got out of the car.
then... wait for it.
we walked in.

just us.
no backpack.
no stroller.
no diaper bag.
no packed lunch.
no snack.
no purse (mr. had the funds).
just us.
(oh and an iphone to snap a few pics.)

then it hit me.
i have a three year old.
i have three big kids.
that we are here now.

commence mama moment.
commence trying to get the rest of my 
family to understand the magnitude of this.
they didn't.
so instead i just took it in all.

bounce in my step.
arms swinging.
hand holding.  
gorgeous day. 
beautiful family.
some of god's most spectacular creations.
a happy birthday girl.

it was great.
everyone survived.
no melt downs.
we even went out for lunch afterwards.
in a real restaurant.
it was amazing.
we are here now.
mama moment.
happy birthday baby gir.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

adventure and magic

a golden hour hike
in the backyard.
a perfect mix of 
adventure and magic.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

soccer bits

a few bits from e&b's 
time on the pitch playing for medway soccer this fall.
it's been a good season to be a soccer parent, coach and all over fan of this great game.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

getting lost, wrecked and strengthened

i had some fun getting lost in the streets of Brussels today…
shopping, tasting, cafĂ© hopping, exploring.  
while trying to find my way back to the hotel to meet-up with colleagues,
 i took a turn down a charming little side street
and found myself in a courtyard with nothing but this sculpture. 
just me, her, the Lord and an overwhelming sense of
gratitude and perspective for why i'm even here and what we are trying to do.  
that this thing is not easy and there are many days/moments
when all we can do is drop to our knees in prayer or curl up and weep.  
a beautiful reminder that this is the very essence of thriving…
living and loving so deeply that it can wreck us and strengthen us at the same time.  

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

thankful tuesday, 11/3

thankful tuesday ... turning the last page and finishing both e & b's read-a-loud books this week. finding this cherished 1:1 time together.  time that in the midst of school, homework, toddler woes, practices, dinner, dishes and long days that end in a blur, is sometimes really hard to prioritize.  that when we do there is magic. whether it be 5 pages or 5 chapters our tanks are filled. that when the last page comes, the bookshelves beckon.  and we are thankful for that.

p.s. janie's stacks of board books count too!