Saturday, April 29, 2017

oily instabits

i was chatting with a friend the other day
about my essential oil heart eyes.
she asked, if i really did use them all time?
she wondered how i was using them?
 and for what specifically?

i gushed a bit (okay, maybe a lot).
i told her i'd send her a note and show her some of the ways.
i thought it might be fun to share with you guys too.

so with a cup of coffee in hand 
and that oily combo up there diffusing in the background 
i'll share my 1st oily instabits.
peppermint & stress away for productivity & tackling to-do lists.

lemon oil in my water...refreshing and boosting.
helps make sure  i drink lots more water too!
frankincense & lavender...reflection, relaxation and restfulness.
making bed times extra sweet...and chills we parents out too at end of long day.
brain boost...peppermint, lemon and copaiba for my girl's backpack.
i have one too in my desk - a favorite break in between conference calls & car pools.
chill out combo... frankincense & copaiba diffused on a rainy afternoon.
just so warm & inviting - and keeps us focused & thoughtful.

pollen punch...lemon, lavender, peppermint & copaiba.
clearing my allergy eyes & foggy -  smells so so good too.
germs be gone...thieves, purification & lemon.
rolled on little feet & backs to boost immunity...
and EVERY time i heard that a classmate puked at school.
cough care...r.c. & peppermint.
a great combo for battling that pesky cold air cough that bennett
gets after early spring lax practices under the lights.
gus is cute & is spoiled...purification in the living room.
one of the kids favorite chores is spraying the couches...and it's chemical free!

lots oflaundry love...lavender & purification (lots of other combos too).
an easy transition towards chemical free detergent & dryer balls.
upset tummies...digize on the belly helps keep the icks at bay.
and yes...i took a pic of oils & our potty.
tweaked ankle...panaway for those days when i get a bit too competitive on the turf.
this has been a major pain reliever...that smells delightful.
my most favorite mama time-out combo...lavender & stress away.
pause. roll. pause. breath. pause. feel. pause. clear. pause. reset.
hike & tension relief...peppermint, pan away & copaiba.
originally for wes' weekend camping backpack,
but now he keeps it in the console of his truck for a lil' commute recoup after day in the office.
a lil' something for a mama w/babe in belly.
one for nausea & rest.  one for immunity & germs.
and one of my new favorite ways to spread some love to dear ones.
a lil' something for this mama who may have been hooked on motrin.
thieves for immunity.  peppermint for headaches. and when combined a great refresh & reset
as you can see, i'm certainly all heart eyes for these little bottles of goodness.
it looks like i've been taking almost as many pics as a i do of my kids and chickens.
but seriously - it's because they really are such a big part of our days.

and these are just the ones i'm using from the starter kit...
there are so many other amazing ones 
(clarity, cedarwood, rosemary, peace & calming, orange, bergamot...i could go on and on!)

wes and the kids got me my starter kit as a gift last year
(maybe i dropped a few subtle hints).
a gift that just keeps on giving.
the benefits, resources, community and built in personal time out love
for me as a woman, mom, wife, friend
has been so incredibly rewarding.

maybe you want to drop a lil' mother's day hint to your crew?
they can reach out to me anytime (email) or sign-up (here).
maybe you want to show a lil' mother's day love to your own mom?
reach out to me anytime (email) or sign-up (here).
maybe you want to learn a bit more?
send me a message or reach out anytime.

your oily sister

Monday, April 24, 2017

a few days in manhattan

april break brought easter, family, playdates
and a three days in the big apple.
i had an event for work,
so thought we'd make the most of it.
a little road trip.
some bopping (and dabbing) around manhattan.
seeing family.
fun & fun.

shades, tunes and road trip fun
little loves in times square
subway navigating
bennett dabbing...block-to-block
jane taking it all in.
swimming in the middle of manhattan
checking out mama's NY office
day two brought a day of adventuring with uncle tim & auntie leigh, 
while i did my mtgs and event in NY office.
a fun and productive day for all!
i love that my kids get to make these memories with their aunt & uncle.
that it's both a big deal...and no big deal at the same time.
if that makes any sense.
birthday bagels with leigh
the reardons, defoyds & nosek love leigh!
off to explore
math museum
and a lil' geometry
madison square strolling
mama mtgs and event

when women thrive there is gender partnership
love these guys!
day 3 brought wes!
he took the train down after work to meet-up with us for a
defoyd day of exploring. 
in the rock with our rock
lego ny love
central park climbing
a rest on the stone chair art installation
central park cherry blossoms in full bloom
our favorite stone slide
jenga and checkers in bryant park
carousel rides
levian cookies
a sweet ending, and lots of sweet memories! 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

thankful tuesday, equal pay day

today was national equal pay day.
a reminder of how much more work still needs to be done.
an inspiration to persevere through the work to come.

i'm grateful and tired.
for the work that made up today.
for the paid,  and most certainly the unpaid.

moments captured through the lens of a working mom,
in the midst of a movement, conference calls, chaos, dishes, piano lessons, 
laundry, conference calls, dinner, pillow fights, car pools, karate
and bedtime stories.