Wednesday, January 28, 2015

juno blizzard bits

2015 juno blizzard bits...
blizzard of 2015
staying in our jammies all day
puzzles by the fire
trekking in 30+ inches
chili on the stove
hooray for no school
blizzard ninja
board games
painting projects
paper snowflake making
cracking open a new read-aloud
blizzard swing
cocoa sipping
snow removal stud
ping pong in the barn
breakfast leftovers for the chicks
tough chicks
little house on the prairie marathon
living room forts
snow forts
making our way through a giant stack of library books
bowling outing
snow fun

a winter living room swim

some afternoon fun to help with the cabin fever crazies...
bathing suits,
pillow & blanket waves,
couch diving boards,
an okay from mom to jump on the furniture,
and freeze pops
a refreshing & energy-releasing winter living room swim!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

thankful tuesday, 1/27

  • being snowed in with my people
  • that my hairdresser didn't cancel because of saturday's snow (phew)
  • warmth, home, safety, power, comfort
  • tag-teaming
  • meal swapping
  • kicking it with the KiC kids
  • a weekend visit with uncle matt & maria
  • baby belly art canvas
  • storm juno adventuring
  • sledding strategies and just going for it
  • counting snowmen
  • bennett's giggle
  • tickle tackles
  • sibling kindness
  • sock collecting
  • my strong wood chopper and stackers
  • 3-5 word songs on repeat with jane - "frosty snowman, pop pop" "e-i-e-i-o"
  • indian and the cupboard adventures
  • boxout giggles
  • viva la mexico
  • a town we just love
  • encouraging grace for a good girl friend who needs it...and needing to hear it myself too
  • buzz 10 care and kindness
  • #whenwomenthrive going global
  • a living room wintertime swim

Friday, January 23, 2015

orange you glad it's friday?

finger paint fun!
baby bellies really do make for a great art canvas.
happy friday friends!