Friday, August 30, 2013

vacation recap - on the boat


no words, just pictures.
it was a splash of a time!

{cheryl i stole a few of yours too...xo!}

Thursday, August 29, 2013

vacation recap - splash pad fun

vacation is kicked-off with road trip out west to new york's fingerlakes.
this splash pad pit stop was the perfect way to break-up the long car ride
a few silly pics of the kids at the seneca lake splash pad...
a great way to kick-off vacation!

vacation recap - i love these people

the next few posts will recap our
most wonderful time away with this amazing crew!
lake canindaigua in new york's finger lakes. 
26 of us under one roof.
13 cousins ranging from 16 to 8 months.
adventures. boating. gaming. loving. memory making. 
i am so very honored and blessed to have married into this family.
i love these people.  a lot.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

diana's baths

 while in new hampshire back in july,
a highlight was absolutely our adventure to diana's baths.
huge rocks to climb and picnic on.
waterfalls you could walk right up to, under or through.
pools of water to splash, bath or float in.
 pretty darn fantastic, breathtaking, awesome!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

treasure island

 earlier this summer, bennett and i read the junior classic version of treasure island.
my little pirate and i loved setting sail on our own hispaniola (hammock or bunkbed) 
to read the adventure of jim hawkins and long john silver's hunt for buried treasure 
(of course skipping over all the pistol shooting and blood on the ship deck), 
he can read those parts when he's a bit older.
when we finished, instead of watching the movie (too scary) 
we invited some friends over for our pirate adventure.
3 boys and 3 girls hunting for buried treasure in the backyard.
pirate bandanas were a must.
 there was clue writing (she promised not to give away the clues)...
clue reading...
clue hunting...
competitive spirit and body checking...
shouting and racing from clue to clue...
serious cuteness...
x marking the spot...
 treasure digging...
treasure finding...way to go little pirates!