Tuesday, July 29, 2014

instabits...gratitude lately

instagram has become my outlet for the gratitude bits 
and blessings that make my heart sing.
so in lieu of thankful tuesday, here are some instabits 
going back to the last day of school...
last day of school dancing
little boy and farm tires under a happy sky adventuring
summer list making
butterfly catching
kiddo feet hanging from the barn loft
tire swinging
carnival funning
berry picking
baby girl sleeping
morning tea visiting with the chicks
sunset bike biking
lake splashing
seed spittin'
faithful garden watering
ice cream eating....lots of ice cream
daisy girl smiling
sweet pea picking
t-shirt basket gathering
sweet pea shelling
4th of july celebrating
letter writing
#10 daddy and son ball gaming
swimming lessons
hay maze exploring
hammock swinging
cape cod vacationing
jetty skipping
mini golfing
beach riding
chronicles of narnia reading/listening
baby beach digging
boogy board riding
outdoor showering
monomy exploring
car ride crazing
daisy baby smiling
shallot harvesting
kiddo sing-a-long dancing
summer list checking
campfire sparkler glowing
vbs praising
impromtu lego clubbing
baby and chick farming
high bun wearing
iced tea serving and mason jar sipping
daisy boy smiling
chowder slurping
movie in the park watching
garden basket filling
arm farting and baby giggling
uncle vs. cousin water balloon throwing
flower patch snipping
pool side chilling
brown belt earning
onion drying
treat giving
here's to gratitude and how it turns 
everything into enough!