Sunday, March 4, 2012

a little girl's mom

it hit me friday night in the crazy fun chaos of brownie/daisy pajama jam at school...that she's old enough for this...that we are in this new phase of school events with lots of screaming girls and little friends.

it hit me saturday night when she couldn't wait to hang out with the babysitter...that sweet little girl bond with the babsitter that i remember so fondly from when i was little.

it hit me this afternoon when we went to a play...singing along together to annie's "the sun will come out tomorrow" and "it's a hard knock life."

it hit me tonight as we were reading anne of green gables...cuddled and cherishing our mommy/ella reading time.

it hit me...i'm a mom...a little girl's mom.  and sometimes that just takes your breath away...makes you cry...blesses your heart to it's core.


  1. I absolutely agree... It blows me away sometimes that I'm actually a mom.

    The photo is brilliant! Oh gosh, looks so fun!

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  3. i love such an excellent idea.....