Sunday, December 14, 2014

a weekend filled with song

a few bits from a weekend that was filled with the joyous songs of the season.
an evening of carols, cocoa and cocktails
in the barn and around the circle with friends.
neighbors who sang and danced with us on their front step.
a surprise santa visit for the carolers.
singing praises on the morning we
became members at our new church.
white christmas on in the background
while lists were made and envelopes addressed.
rend collective's campfire christmas on repeat.
children's choir performance at our church's celebrate christmas concert.
janie crashing the stage to dance along with the kids.
stories, songs and scripture with andy needham.
gloria in excelsis deo...
gloria to God in the highest!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

our polar express night

today we had ourselves some polar express fun!
an afternoon cuddled up watching the movie.
an after dinner bedtime routine surprise.
new christmas jammies.
a golden ticket for each.
train whistles heard from the front door.
daddy dressed as a train conductor.
tickets stamped with their initial.
boarding the polar express volvo.
donuts and hot cocoa treats.
winter wonderland's north pole.
memories cherished.

Friday, December 5, 2014

thankFULL celebrating bits

a few bits from a last weekend.
four days and nights at home filled to the brim with goodness, baking and gathering. 
here's a wee look and memories to cherish!

thursday's thanksgiving at home and celebrating
 jane's birthday was extra special.
even if it did end with the cowboys getting crushed 
as depicted in that picture up there of mr. grumps.
a wonderful day spent baking, roasting, game playing, 
lego building, puzzle solving, candle blowing and all over thanksgiving.

friday brought round two of thanksgiving day baking, brining, trimming and decorating 
as we made preparations for hosting our 2nd annual defoyd/payne thanksgiving barn feast.
twinkle lights, greens and bells were this year's theme.
i then got to scoot back to new braintree for a super fun night 
in my little hometown celebrating with dear friends 
and surprising my brothers by crashing a hometown party 
for a little game of ping-pong.

saturday brought grandma, papa, aunts, uncle, cousins and...
mr. & mrs. claus!
oh what fun we had feasting, barn dancing, name drawing, wine sipping 
and topped off with a couch-side view of the town's fireworks celebration.
an awesome day!
(thanks auntie cheryl for sharing some of your photos!)

and finally sunday as a day to celebrate my mama's special birthday.
we are so thankful for her!
a wonderfully full...thankFULL weekend!