Saturday, April 30, 2016

hello may

helllllooooo may. you got here way sooner than i thought you would. you will be filled to tippity top of the brim. you are gonna be kinda bananas. bananas like this one shown here that will often serve as "dinner" when combined with a cheese stick and cheeze-its on our way to a game, practice or appointment. it may not always be pretty. some days are gonna kick are booties.  most will be fun...but FULL.  but with the promise of summer, i know we'll be just fine. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

thankful tuesday, 4/26

my recent thankful tuesday post was inspired by a heroic save 
of the meal swap / new baby meals from the grips of gus the dog.

tonight's post is inspired by the not so heroic destruction
of my son's brand new team baseball hat by the same gus the dog.

rather, that bennett's coach thankfully has an extra hat
saving us from a complete and utter bennett melt-down.

thanks coach.
no thanks gus.

a few days in our nation's capital
our country
our history
our heritage
vaca moto "experience, appreciate, remember"
razor scooters for tired feet
stroller naps
car snacks
toilet paper tissues
friends who hurt and love deeply together
an afternoon with the russell girls
baby photo shoot moments
news of a new baby long prayed for
first garden sprouts peeking through
counting steps with betsy
that my mother-in-law is cleared to start walking...and rocking it
wes' first bbq brisket in the smoker
friends and family to share it with
cutie cousins
bare feet in the backyard
gum and 4th grade girls
opening day celebrations
calendars and car pools for all these schedules and games

here's to gratitude and how it
turns everything into enough.

dc bits


a few bits from our impromptu adventure to 
our nation's capital over april break.  
a road "trip" that was really smooth, once jane finally realized 
we were on our "trip" and not getting on a "ship."

jane got her fill of "ships" with our first visit,
the air and space museum.
it took some convincing, but finally think the escalator ride 
at the museum satisfied her quest

in between museums we loved resting under
a shady tree along the mall.
a little ice cream, people watching and even some karate practicing.

then we tackled the natural history museum
for a look at the animals, dinosaurs and all the amazing stones & gems.
the gems were most definitely a museum favorite for our crew.

a friend suggested we pack the kids' razor scooters.
this was huge.
a big help during the day, but were even more fun for the kids
at night, which is when we visited most of the major monuments.  
scooters, presidents, memories.

day 2 brought smiles 
and cherry blossoms.
it also brought 80 degrees, which was wonderful!

our first stop on day 2 was the american history museum.
to see the original star spangled banner.
learn a bit about how electricity, travel and money came to be.
a culinary salute to julia child.
and of course time with all the presidents and first ladies.

after the museum we took a nice "hop" over to the white house.
(ella loved jumping the walls!)
and jane...well she kinda fell apart towards the end of day 2.
she had her moment, but she most certainly rallied like a star!

for dinner both nights we scooted over to georgetown.
a nice change of pace and easy access to yummy eats.
jane grabbed a nap, snuggled under a dinner napkin.
and we took in the sunset by patomac bay.

day 2 ended with another night time scooter ride around the monuments.
again, the absolute best way to take in the sites.

another happy start to our day.
more cherry blossoms and an outing to the zoo.
pandas, peacocks and elephants made our day!

then it was onward to pay our respects to dr. martin luther king, 
franklin d roosevelt, eleanor and their puppy too.
during our trip we had a little motto to keep our focus...
"experience, appreciate, remember."
our time with the roosevelt and dr. king made this motto our forever thing.

our last stop was a mix of business and pleasure with a visit to the renwick gallery.
my next conference is kicking off at the gallery in just over a month,
a great opportunity to meet with my team to solidify plans along with a side of knocking the socks off my kids with the uber cool "wonder" exhibit.

and that was it...before a sunset ride back to ma next to my handsome pilot.
experience. appreciate. remember.
that was our motto.
that's what we did.
happy family.
happy memories.