Sunday, February 7, 2016

football and growing up

happy super bowl sunday friends.
while we are sad neither the cowboys or patriots 
are competing in the big game i know i will remember this season
as b's entrance into a new phase of boyhood...and me of motherhood.

he turned 7 and over night fell in love with the game of football.
the same love that through the years was devoted to
thomas the train, rescue bots, super heroes, 
matchbox cars, ninjago, star wars and pokemon.

play that used to center around characters and cartoons,
is now rooted in hometown teams, divisions, logos, mascots, 
player statistics and real life humans.

choo choo, vehicle, laser sounds and japanese expressions 
have been replaced by drawing up plays, shouting at the tv, 
tackles and all things "epic."

for wes, parenting in this next phase is awesome...
a dream come true.
but for me...
it's challenging.

because when this boy gets into something, he really gets into it.
some may call it borderline obsession.

it's just how he's always been.
he will study and memorize anything and everything he can about whatever it is.
and then he'll want to talk about it.
all. the. time.

this was easier when it was like 10 trains who all had an easy to recognize 
color, number and were always helping one another shunt or haul freight.

this was easier when the series was on dvr, 
and though i didn't always watch with him, the scripts of ninjago or rescue bots 
were the soundtrack of our quiet time and simple enough 
to follow along with from a distance.

this was easier when he didn't always notice that i wasn't fully tracking with him, 
and when i could get away with responses like 
"uh huh" "how interesting" or "why do you think that is?"'s different now.
football facts, figures, player trading cards and the complexities 
of the game are now the soundtrack of our days.
and my "uh huh" and "really" and "why do you think that is?"  efforts are simply not cutting it.

don't get me wrong...i love a good football game.
but give me a break...
the amount there is to know about a game that is celebrating 
super bowl 50 is more than my brain can handle.  

i'm exposed.
a lot. 

and while i miss dearly the days of trains and matchbox cars, 
i love how this boy of ours is growing up.
how his "things" become our "things."
and while i can't retain football facts and figures like 
my fantasy football stud of a husband, i'm diving in.  
nfl trivia anyone?

as we wrap up the nfl season,
i'm pausing to embrace this new season of parenting.
the cowboys and patriots have a new devoted fan.
and i have a son who is growing up before my eyes.

i may not track with it all.
i may need to fake it...a lot.
and while wes has this phase in the bag,
i want to play too.
because this phase of parenting and playing is just as sweet.

and when the home team loses in the afc championship, 
like they did a few weeks back
i'm still his #1 comforter.
and he's still my baby boy.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

taking stock

I saw this in a blog the other day and thought how fun...small bits from our days jotted down while waiting for the bus.

Enjoying: Warm February days
Waiting: For the bus
Liking: Keeping track of my steps
Making : Valentine's
Cooking : Meal swap yummies
Drinking : Chocolate Shakeology
Reading: Funny Girl by Nick Hornby
Wanting: A massage
Looking: At pictures
Playing: Clue
Deciding: What house project to take on
Wishing: My MIL a speedy recovery
Wondering: When my team will get fully in synch
Loving: Sweet friends who love selflessly 
Pondering: Summer vacation plans 
Considering: Essential oils
Buying: All things chippy
Watching: Fixer Upper and Top Chef
Hoping: For one more good winter snowstorm
Marvelling: How fast time goes by
Cringing: At kiddo poop and fart banter
Needing: An adventure 
Questioning: Presidential candidates 
Smelling: Popcorn
Wearing: Plaid flannels
Following: When Women Thrive on Twitter
Noticing: How many squirrels are in the backyard
Knowing: I'm a sinner saved by grace
Thinking: About raising bees
Admiring: Mothers...all the beautiful mothers out there
Sorting: Socks
Getting: My expense reports submitted 
Bookmarking: Articles to read
Coveting: More reading time
Disliking: Winter skin
Opening: Amazon Prime boxes
Giggling: With Jimmy Fallon
Feeling: Loved
Helping: With Community Group launching 

Friday, January 15, 2016

boot bonding and life living

so i got these new boots a week ago.
just simple, waterproof, practical, snow boots.
they were a great deal.
they fulfilled my mission to finally buy boots from this one particular portsmouth shoe store I've browsed in for years, but have never bought anything.

well, tonight I almost left them in a conference room in new york.
i remembered when i was 7 blocks from the office, and made the critical decision to run back to get them, snapping this picture, because i knew if going back resulted in me missing my train back home, then that would have been the last time i saw them before tossing into a dumpster in a complete frustration.

that's them pictured up there.
don't they look like they are a little sad and saying, "hey, how could you forget me? i thought we were close?"

because we are. 
i'm attached.
whole heck of a lot of life was lived wearing these boots in just the 6 days i've had them.
6 days that have overwhelmed, filled and stretched my heart in a big way, and these boots have been around for it.

a weekend away with some of my dearest girls - wes' complete selflessness and generousity - hurting and praying for my mother in law and after a terrible car accident - news that my dad is beating the cancer - doctors who heal - final preparations for next week's launch of 2.0 when women thrive - a past bedtime night sled - turning another year older - a family who takes such good care of me - a new haircut - 2016 strategic planning - conquering a mountain of laundry - meetings filled with brilliance and bonding - babysitters who rock - my sisterhood team - train reflections - and memories I will cherish.

happy weekend dear readers.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

bacon bits...i mean new year resolution

happy new year friends!
do your new year resolutions involve bacon like mine do?
well bacon that's not burnt that is.
bacon that i don't put in the pan and then proceed to do 75 other things.
bacon that doesn't start as a good idea, but often results in a smoky kitchen.
bacon that's not black, spoiling another saturday morning breakfast with my family.
bacon that won't trigger the deserved eye rolls and whines that i always burn the bacon.
because i do.
every. single. time.
because often my good intentions are foiled by my lack of focus,
or scattered attempts to do more.
it goes like this...
cozy, quiet saturday morning.
let's have breakfast - or even better - brunch.
put bacon in the pan.
start the laundry, peek at instragram, empty the dishwasher, organize the mail,
 sweep the floor, make another cup of tea, read a page in my book...all things i think i can accomplish before having to flip the bacon or in the 45 seconds after i flip it that i need to get it out of the pan.
i can't.
bacon always burns.
i shouldn't.
bacon and breakfast with my family was the actual goal.

so in 2016 i resolve to not burn the bacon.
how's that for a resolution?
while i may not write it on the family chalkboard,
it definitely represents my hope for the new year.
a resolve to not just have good intents, but to focus and finish what i start.
that's my real resolution.

maybe it means i'll start less.
hopefully it means i'll be less scattered.
maybe it means i'll have shorter lists.
hopefully it means i'll have have more crossed off items.
maybe it means i'll accomplish less.
hopefully it means i'll enjoy more what i do accomplish.
maybe it means i'll make less promises.
hopefully it means i'll keep more of the promises i do make.
maybe it means i'll say no more.
hopefully it means when i say yes i'll actually deliver.
maybe it means there will be less surprises.
hopefully it means we'll be surprised more often.
maybe it means i'll disappoint more.
hopefully it means i'll frustrate less.
maybe it means i'll let go of more than i want to.
hopefully it means i'll pick-up more of what matters.

bring it 2016.
and bring on the bacon!

and here's a look at our 2015 instabits flipagram.
happy new year friends!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

christmas bits

a little look at our christmas (b's birthday & new year's too)
a season filled to the brim with loved ones
warm weather, generosity, anticipation,
games, toys, treats, hospitality,
fellowship, creativity, adventures,
hope, peace, love and joy.
merry christmas!