Monday, April 24, 2017

a few days in manhattan

april break brought easter, family, playdates
and a three days in the big apple.
i had an event for work,
so thought we'd make the most of it.
a little road trip.
some bopping (and dabbing) around manhattan.
seeing family.
fun & fun.

shades, tunes and road trip fun
little loves in times square
subway navigating
bennett dabbing...block-to-block
jane taking it all in.
swimming in the middle of manhattan
checking out mama's NY office
day two brought a day of adventuring with uncle tim & auntie leigh, 
while i did my mtgs and event in NY office.
a fun and productive day for all!
i love that my kids get to make these memories with their aunt & uncle.
that it's both a big deal...and no big deal at the same time.
if that makes any sense.
birthday bagels with leigh
the reardons, defoyds & nosek love leigh!
off to explore
math museum
and a lil' geometry
madison square strolling
mama mtgs and event

when women thrive there is gender partnership
love these guys!
day 3 brought wes!
he took the train down after work to meet-up with us for a
defoyd day of exploring. 
in the rock with our rock
lego ny love
central park climbing
a rest on the stone chair art installation
central park cherry blossoms in full bloom
our favorite stone slide
jenga and checkers in bryant park
carousel rides
levian cookies
a sweet ending, and lots of sweet memories! 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

thankful tuesday, equal pay day

today was national equal pay day.
a reminder of how much more work still needs to be done.
an inspiration to persevere through the work to come.

i'm grateful and tired.
for the work that made up today.
for the paid,  and most certainly the unpaid.

moments captured through the lens of a working mom,
in the midst of a movement, conference calls, chaos, dishes, piano lessons, 
laundry, conference calls, dinner, pillow fights, car pools, karate
and bedtime stories.

Friday, March 31, 2017

an introduction

you all know how much i love a night with friends,
in my happy place, 
under the twinkle lights,
 in the barn,
here at defoyd backyard farm

well this week brought one for the memory banks.
a launch event to introduce myself as a distributor 
for young living essential oils.
eek, i'm so excited!

these little bottles of pure goodness
have been a wonderful addition to our family.
immunity building - stress relieving 
skin replenishing - sleepy time making 
booboo kissing - mood changing
conscious cleaning
waking up - chilling out,
and lotssssss more.

so, bits & bobs readers,
allow me to introduce myself.
a "mrs. & mama / feminist & farmer"
who loves essential oils
and would love the opportunity to chat 
with anyone who may curious or interested in getting started.

happy to connect & answer q's (email).
ready to get started?
here's a spot with more information and my sponsor sign-up details (link).
next oil night in the barn?
tuesday, april 18 (stay tuned)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

hibernation bits

i did my best to channel a little mary poppins 
today on a dreary spring day.
this favorite halloween prop umbrella always brings a smile.
and singing...lots of singing.
and pretending to fly across the grocery store parking lot.
oh and maybe a few eye rolls too.
i'll take any bit of mary i can get.
hibernation season is over.
it may not look or feel like it outside just yet,
but the calendar sure does.
here's a wee peek at some of our hibernation season instabits.

a sweet winter read
a cherished quiet moment
and some library pickings with a theme 
monopoly railroad tycoon
brown yard, brown barn, brown birds
rescuing the farmer who locked himself in the chicken coop
happy farmer with her  thrifted signs
my middle school student
my 8 year old who is findings his style
afternoon coloring
jewels and super heroes
car trips with ramona
basketball saturdays
the flutist on stage
when women thrive on stage
once at the theatre
mystery reader...jane for jane
donut dates
brothers visit
late night poker nights
aquarium exploring
airport waiting
1 year with gus
super bowl champs
dribbling relays
letters from malawi 
letters by jane
layers laying
one five playing
weekend away with friends
dessert and new fish name discussions
mantle truth
winter splashing
birthday wishes with dear ones

mystery reader fun on dr. seuss' birthday
lego land love
sisters on wheels
a mama moment
a family moment
cabin fever crazies
thanks for taking the stroll with me through
the defoyd family instabits.
hibernation over.
spring's a coming
i can feel it.