Tuesday, October 7, 2014

apple picking simplified

like many new englanders we usually plan apple picking 
for a perfect fall saturday.
we look forward to the annual road trip to our favorite orchard for 
hay rides, animals, candied apples and warm cider donuts.
unfortunately soccer, naps, weather, a sick mama and busy calendars
these past few weeks have made it a bit tricky to schedule.
so friday after school it was.
a quick trip to the farm just down the road.
there weren't any orchard bells and whistles, 
but we had the entire farm all to ourselves.
to run and play hide and seek amongst the the rows.
to climb, jump, sit and eat apples to our heart's content
oh what fun we had.
oh how we needed that.
and oh how i needed this reminder of the good that 
happens when we simplify.
 instead of waiting and scheduling for that perfect weekend,
we simplified.
and in the end that was pretty darn perfect too.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

soccer bits

today was a pretty darn perfect autumn day to be 
on the sidelines cheering for my soccer players and visiting with 
members of this wonderful little medway town.
heart is full.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

photos at the barn

scheduling photos here at the barn
20-25 best shots edited
full-access to all the files 
barn, hay, leaf play, christmas tree, tire swing, pumpkins, school options
limited spots available
message me for booking
(e) erin . defoyd @ gmail . com or facebook
 (t) seven-seven-four-two-seven-seven-one-three-two-four

Sunday, September 14, 2014

breathing...weekend instabits

well we are off to the races.
sneakers laced and huffing and puffing a bit after our first full week of school.
it made this weekend's rest and time together extra sweet.
a few weekend instabits...it was a good one.
after school friday sillies
zinnia and dress matchy in the garden
saturday morning breakfast thanks to the chicks
playing with trucks at home..."kindergarten doesn't have trucks mama"
saturday morning dominos 
bike rides to saturday soccer
filling his tired tank with snuggles, reading and a nap
some time at my writing desk with a fresh bouquet of sharpened pencils
first shepherd's pie of the season washed down with a pumpkin shandy
saturday night movie night at home with theatre sized candy
sunday morning and lemonades on the lawn
sunday naps and piggy tale happiness
eight year old ella & ramona
sunday afternoon soccer
dallas wins!
sunday sunset over the Lord's house
wearing my kiddo-made finest to a date at home with my mr.