Friday, July 11, 2014

ten on ten: backyard farm bits

july's ten on ten
capturing the beauty of an ordinary day on our
little new england backyard farm

1. rebecca and hunter boots
2. sweet peas for my sweet pea
3. happy chicken coop
4. cradeling first cukes
5. quiet rest and refreshment for the mama farmer
6. pulling up beets
7. treats for the girls
8. water boy
9. bouquets of arugula for friends
10. t-shirt baskets for garden picks

Monday, July 7, 2014

chasing butterflies

expert butterfly chasing advice from ella...
ditch the nets and just use your flower headband instead!
oh how many vivid and wonderful memories i have 
of chasing butterflies in the backyard when i was small.
makes my heart happy to see my girl doing the same.
and apparently she's teaching her mama some new tricks!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

kindergarten bound

this sweet boy is kindergarten bound...
how is that possible?
weren't we just starting our journey through the alphabet?
celebrating dr. seuss,
kicking our first "bam shots",
hunting for buried treasure,
loving books at home,
being a little lugnut,
just beginning pre-school?
congratulations dear bennett for finishing pre-school 
and now counting the days until kindergarten.
we are so very proud of you.
and while i can't help but be excited for you,
its hard for your mama to think about you boarding a bus with your big boy backpack
instead of that one up there full of thomas trains and very special rocks.
love you so sweet boy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

last day of 2nd grade

the last day of 2nd grade!
dinosaur, ocean, space and weather explorer,
piano player,
graph maker,
100% attendance award winner,
ruler reader,
math fact timer,
ukraine heritage appreciator,
garden grower,
poetry writer,
rainbow loomer,
sledding accident tough cookie,
brownie scout,
chicken farmer,
phone talker,
late night reader,
friendship bracelet maker
piggy back giver,
back bender,
deep-end swimmer,
city lover,
story writer,
calendar keeper,
3rd grader!

first day / last day

prior year last day posts:

ten on ten: june in dc

ten on ten back on june 10th...
a fun day to capture the beauty 
of a not-so-ordinary day trip to our nation's capital.

1. early flight out of boston bound for dc
2. a beautiful day in our nation's capital
3. special guest speaker spot with these ladies
4. passing time with mr. lincoln before my next meeting 
5. and a swing by the white house
6. women in arts museum potential venue check
7. newseum venue briefing and exploring
8. newseum's stunning and moving photography exhibit
9. berlin wall remnants
10. late night flight back to boston


where's jane?
oh, there she is!
happy happy girl...peek-a-boo!

Monday, June 30, 2014

memorial day bits


memorial day bits (finally)!
one filled to the brim with...
parade fun with the girl scouts,
bennett & janie crashing to join the march,
bagpipes, soldiers and taps,
remembering why we celebrate,
backyard bbq with family,
kickball, basketball and light saber competion,
serious skillzzzz all around,
sparklers and watermelon,
the most perfect kick-off to summer!