Sunday, January 7, 2018

a few more merry bits

a few defoyd/payne family christmas bits.
i'm not sure who had more fun.
the cousins, or all us big kids?
i think big kids for sure.
right "weskey"?

Monday, January 1, 2018

we will rock you

the kiddos are all tucked way.
an early night, after being out way too late on new year's eve.
the tree is gone and the twinkly lights are down.
at least a week earlier than most years.
chore charts and new calendars are printed and primed for action.
i often dwell in the christmas slow until my birthday or mlk.
not this year.
for it seems that the crazy chill that blows outdoors has 
creeped into the cracks, attitudes and behaviors of the little residents here at 7 ohlson circle.
parenting kindness, gratitude, respect and honesty was our toll this winter break.
oh was it our toll.
we need this new year to reset some expectations.
to encourage, simplify and warm back up to what kindness,  
gratefulness,  gentleness, patience and self-control looks like.
oh and that we the loving & adoring parents are in charge.
that we are the lead singers in this rock band.
and that when we rock, they rock.
so, let's rock 2018.
calling all parents to sing aloud with us 
(microphones, air guitars and head banging required)
"we will, we will rock you!"
"we will, we will rock you!
happy new year friends!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

mission guatemala

beep, beep...hola amigos!
popping in to finally share some mission guatemala bits.
memories, blessings and heart bursting gratitude
for the honor, opportunity and gift
of serving, learning and loving alongside 
dear brothers and sisters in christ.

our team from medway community church
was called to serve with the team at the vida y esperanza school 
in santa lucia milpas altas, guatemala.
we put on a vacation bible school program
for an awesome group of kids ages 4-10.
we also rolled-up our sleeves
to help-out with some metal and wood working projects,
building a stage and a new set of checker board tables.

these photos don't even come close to showing
just how special and crazy good this trip was.
you can look for it in the eyes, smiles, beauty, sweat and play.
you can know that god is doing amazing work 
in guatemala and at the vida y esperanza school.
you can join us in continued prayer for these kids, their teachers, their families 
and the missionaries god is loving and leading.

and to wendy, lori, sandy, tricia, brittany, todd, wendy, 
john, ed, kirsten, jean, ben, beth, dawn, wally, 
sarah, jairo, josue, saul, pedro, jeff, david, karen, amy, karla and all the kiddos...
this time together with you will be forever in my heart.
you amaze me. you blessed my stinkin' socks off. i adore you. 
hurro, hurro, hurro, mission guatemala es chilero!

until we are together again.