Monday, March 2, 2015

hello march...31 days to thriving

things have been quiet over here in bits and bobs land.
i wish it was the sign of a quiet and peaceful hibernation.
not even close. 
life these past few weeks has been messy. ugly. stressful. smelly. exhausting. 

i kept telling myself that all i needed to do was get to march.
but today as i flipped the calendar to march, 
i had myself a humbling, pathetic and irony-dripping chuckle.

you see, march marks my official transition into an official new career.
a role i've been dabbling in for few years on a semi-pseudo-volunteer basis.
 work i've been doing on the corner of my desk, 
when my day-to-day marketing responsibilities allowed time for.
a role that has grown-up to be something very real, full and substantial.
a role i'm so incredibly honored and proud to be offered.
a role that has marked a new career.
a career that is a dream come true.

as of march, i transition to be mercer's director of when women thrive.
the leader of a gender equity research and commercial platform we launched last year.
work focused on advancing opportunities for women in the workforce.
work that challenges the stays quo and considers new and innovative solutions 
to address the unique and dynamic needs of women 
as they progress through their career.
a call for women to thrive.

i'll talk more about what all this is and means in another post soon.
but for now will you have a chuckle with me?
one that wonders how the heck the new director of when women thrive 
could possibly lead anything when she is a hot mess.
thriving is not exactly the word i'd use to describe life
these past few weeks full to the brim of... 

 the emotional toll of winter's grip...
house-bound with sickness and school cancellations...
having to fire your nanny...abruptly...
having to reschedule and juggle...
the aftermath and embarrassment caused by sitting on pouch of applesauce 
in front of a crew of 3rd graders...
getting run-off the road by a garbage truck into a snowbank...
double-hatting two jobs that both kicked-off 2015 in a storm...
dropping balls left and right...
upset tummy causing some sleepless nights...
sadness over passing chickens...
taking a massive digger on the ice in my driveway...
a hurting body from said digger...
parenting the onset of fierce terrible twos...
navigating and negotiating transitions...
crying in friends' kitchens...
crying on the sofa...
crying in the car...
not exactly thriving, right?

so this is where i've been and where i'm at.
and i've got a lot to say about that...this season...this transition.

so, hello march, 
and hello to a 31 day bits and bobs journey to processing...reflecting... 
and quiet possibly some actual thriving.

thanks in advance for reading along,
and for any insights you may have as i work through this.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

happy valentine's day!

happy valentine's day and
a few bits of love from my little loves!

and an extra special happy valentine's day to mr. defoyd / daddy.
the strongest man we know,
who takes care of us and keeps us safe.
 we love him so very much.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

juno blizzard bits

2015 juno blizzard bits...
blizzard of 2015
staying in our jammies all day
puzzles by the fire
trekking in 30+ inches
chili on the stove
hooray for no school
blizzard ninja
board games
painting projects
paper snowflake making
cracking open a new read-aloud
blizzard swing
cocoa sipping
snow removal stud
ping pong in the barn
breakfast leftovers for the chicks
tough chicks
little house on the prairie marathon
living room forts
snow forts
making our way through a giant stack of library books
bowling outing
snow fun

a winter living room swim

some afternoon fun to help with the cabin fever crazies...
bathing suits,
pillow & blanket waves,
couch diving boards,
an okay from mom to jump on the furniture,
and freeze pops
a refreshing & energy-releasing winter living room swim!