Sunday, March 18, 2018


st. patrick's day 2018.
naughty mr. leprechaun,
irish babies,
shamrock wishes from the chicks,
MABA champs for the bucks,
erin go bragh!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

b is for...

bits & bobs of course!
isn't this gifted dish just perfect?
well except that the font is in all caps...vs. lowercase.
i love it.
so so much.

b was for a bunch of 
other bits this weekend too.
here's a peek.

b-ball playoffs for b
basketball box...time out spot for jane & baby
board games
basketball on the road
boys room visit for jane...and mom too.
book balancing
bookstore outing
brunch bigger than our heads
butter fingers...literally
bible study
beer for the bearded man

b is for....
bits & bobs.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


i got this cup for my birthday.
it makes me smile.
mostly because it has #momlife fuel in it.
but also because it's truth.
i'm a mom.
this is my life.

this weekend,
i carried my new coffee cup and a star wars' dark side lightsaber
 to saturday morning basketball.
caffeine along with a very visible and ridiculous sign to my
my little one that i had no patience for whining
and would if necessary use the "force".

lately i've been feeling the #momlife definition big time.
but the exhausting and blurry side of it,
not the beautiful and amazing side.
you know, the kind where you
feel like all you do all day is parent.
and it kinda surprises you.
that this is what you do.
from the car pool, endless laundry,
dinner, dishes and bedtime routines to the
rearing on how to use deodorant,
tell the truth
and love selflessly.

but then your dear friend,
shares how her family friends just lost a child to drugs.
and the #momlife definition is no longer exhausting or blurry
but devastating and heartbreaking.
and you go from coffee sipping and lightsaber jousting,
to knees bending and prayers lifting.

it sure is more than a hashtag,
coffee cup saying,
or just a definition.
i'm a mom.
this is my life.

"i know whom i have believed, and i am convinced that he is able to guard until that day what has been entrusted to me" (2 timothy 1:12)

Thursday, February 1, 2018

january instabits

it's felt like new year.
it's felt like last year.
it's felt like same old thang.
it's felt like bring on the new thang.
it's felt like spring.
it's felt winter.
it's felt real good.
it's felt real hard.
oh january...
you give me all the feels.
here's a wee look at our recent instabits.