Tuesday, September 19, 2017

thankful tuesday, 9/19

it sure has been a while since 
i've posted a thankful tuesday.
maybe because the gratitude bits 
make more sense as prayers than words on a screen.
maybe because the family laptop
is always (seriously ALWAYS) dead.
maybe because days that began and ended like this
makes myheart burst.

3 am conference calls that are totally worth it 
cereal in swim goggles for jane
boots that mean fall for me
a cast we were in denial about for ella
an adorable 3rd grade flat stanley 
coming home in bennett's backpack
 6th grade teachers who made me sweat
talking about statistics, and decimals and algebra
catching a glimpse of my boys,
from across the middle school parking lot,
 at football practice 
hallway prayers with my mission's team sister
and practicing praise songs in spanish for guatemala.

 here's to gratitude and how 
it turns everything into enough.

Friday, September 15, 2017

friday cheers

i thought for sure i'd be curled up with
a glass of wine tonight, 
but instead i'm opting for oils and some thoughts.
it's been a weird week.
i feel like my head & heart have been 
carved up and scattered all over new england.
between the broken arm,
the start of pre-school,
budget season,
nature's classroom,
nature's classroom and her broken arm,
curriculum night,
client travel,
puppy boo boos,
life baton passes with wes,
last minute babysitting arrangements,
forgotten backpacks,
road construction detours,
dark dinners,
and even darker wake-ups,
let's just say it's been a kinda weird and awesome week.
i'm glad it's friday.
i'm glad all five of us are under one roof.
and can i tell you,
i'm also really grateful for my oils.
if it wasn't for these lil' colorful bottles of goodness
 i'm pretty sure i would have been in a puddle while drinking wine 
from a straw in celebration of the week being over.
instead, i'm just quiet
and oh so grateful for the week that it was.
cheers to you cedarwood & lavender 
who are sending me off with sweet dreams,
while thieves, purification and lemon do their thing 
in the girls' room to kick some nature's classroom / pre-school sniffles.
and the boys say cheers to xbox,
for releasing nba2k today.
happy friday dear ones!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

tennessee bits

lots of bits from our family vacation 
to the smoky mountains of tennessee.

hiking & rafting.
moonshine & bbq.
dollywood & nashville.
cowboy hats & boots.
cousins & siblings.
puzzles & games.
roller coasters & atvs.
waterfalls & bubbling creeks.
donuts & bourbon.

our t-shirts said 
"know your tribe, love them hard."
oh my we sure do..
grateful for memories & family adventures with our tribe.
full slide show here.