Thursday, January 31, 2013

robot day

sometimes we need a little theme to help guide our adventures and time at home.
it gives me a creative outlet and the kids just love it.
since our journey through the alphabet had come to a close, it was time for something new.
so the kids have come up with a list of funky fun day ideas.
first up was robot day!


the tool kit
tin cans decorated as robots
diaper box covered in tin foil and sparkly shapes
robot shaped sandwich
juice & raisin box made robot
robots movie afternoon away

thanks to all of you who are joining in on the bits & bobs fun this week. the winner of the coffee, tea, cocoa and mug good morning set is julie d...yay!

up next is play! if you click on the play tab above you'll get a glimpse into some of the fun we have at home.  one of the best parts about being a parent...embracing all things kid to play, play, play! 

for today's play give away - a fun photo booth set. our family has had some silly moments here at home with a set like this! to enter simply leave a comment (below or on facebook) or click over to the right to follow the blog.

now i'm off to play a mean game of candyland with bennett!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2 months

a few 2 month pictures of baby jane

2 years...a new look...give aways!

bits & bobs has been around for 2 years! 2 years of capturing photos, moments, blessings and all the bits & bobs that make up our days. to celebrate, i treated myself to a blog re-design and i'm so happy with it!

so...since this is now looking like a big-girl blog, i thought i'd do what all good bloggers do and have a bit of give away fun this week!  a way to thank you dear readers for all your loves and sweet comments over the past couple years. i honestly don't do this for those comments - but i can't say that they don't inspire me and brighten my days - because they really truly do (blush)!

since this has become a place where i share the bits of how we play, create and give thanks the give aways will have this theme as well.  but first up -  let's get the day started right with my first give away - a coffee, cocoa, tea and good morning mug set.  i know i'm often writing and editing photos over my morning cup of thought this was just the thing to get this give away fun started!

to enter, simply click to the right to sign-up to officially "follow" the blog  (because i'd love to know who is reading) or leave a comment and you'll be entered to win.  come back tomorrow to see who won...and to enter to win the next give away. xo!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


i got a new i-toy for my birthday.  
what i love most is being able to capture moments without dragging out my big girl camera.  
so here we go with the first bits & bobs installment of insta-bits.  
if you are an instagrammer - i can be found at edefoyd.

celebrating 33 with my 3 loves

getting back in the kitchen after weeks of no real better than with julia

i don't want this to phase to ever end...ever ever.

i don't want this phase to end either...

lacing up the sneaks again...

writing way belated baby thank you notes

spending a super fun day with my mr. (and jane)

a family outing to the museum of science...little family on a big chair

my new happy family calendar space... is sleeping

hush - baby is sleeping...
through the night!
can you tell i'm feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning?!
i know that this may not last.
that more sleepless nights are to come.
but for today i'm celebrating a week of sleeping through the night.
thank you janie!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

thankful tuesday, 1/22

  • changing table wisdom
  • finding our rhythm at home (some days)
  • a museum turned zoo adventure with friends
  • the zoo in january
  • a snowy morning
  • e&b's dinner salads
  • waving the white flag on bedtime story attempts with all 3
  • janie smiles and coos
  • birthday loves
  • a full lap and happy heart
  • when grandparents babysit and spoil our kids
  • lunch, movie and shopping afternoon with wes & jane
  • kitchen cuddles with my sweetie
  • remembering to warm up the car
  • chopping and cooking...after weeks/months of limited time in the kitchen
  • an empty fill up with plans & goals
  • free hands to type this 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

snow day (kinda)

when i awoke and saw all the snow coming down this morning, 
i thought how great...a snow day, the kids will be psyched! 

a day to stay in our jammies and play in the snow.   

i may have even told them...
no school today, it's a snow day!

well then i checked the news, and guess what...we have school.  

 feeling a wee guilty (way guilty), 
i scrambled to pull together a before school snow morning instead!
snowball fights, snowman building and snow angels.

and then it was time for a breakfast 
of snowflake waffles and hot cocoa.

i think i'm forgiven. 

after sending them off to school, 
it was time for a snow story and snuggles with baby jane. 
unlike the big kids, we get to stay in our jammies all day.
happy snow day (kinda)!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

ten on ten

10 pictures on the 10th of the month 
that capture the life and beauty in an ordinary day.
i love this, and look forward to joining in the photo fun in 2013.
1. dressed
2.lunches and love notes
3. pretty breakfast
4. tiny feet
5. diapers, diapers, diapers
6. a mid-day treat
7. building a city of legos
8. afternoon coloring
9. a visit and sweet gift from a friend
10. girl scout cookie order calls to family

click below to check-out many other beautiful ten on ten moments

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

handmade holiday

 the 2012 defoyd handmade holiday gifts 
for teachers, friends, neighbors and family!

fabric wrapped bracelets for friends and teachers.
 i love the vintage look of these...and how simple they were to  make!
creating these were how i spent many of the final evenings of my pregnancy.
wrapping & gluing while dreaming of holding a baby in my arms instead.

snowman kits for cousins and little friends
these were lots of fun to put together with the kids!
picking out strips of fun and fuzzy fleece at the fabric store.
trekking down to the river to hunt for rocks (eyes) and sticks (arms).
raiding our veggie drawer for carrots (noses).
 selecting just the right set of buttons from our giant collection.
and the best part...snow over christmas break to put these kits to good use!

cookie dough to go
 baking dozens of cookies to deliver to neighbors was simply not possible this year.
so instead, we mixed up some yummy dough and wrapped it up 
for friends to put in their fridge/freezer and use whenever they wish.
i'm totally doing this again!
recipe and awesome template found here.  

grandchildren / cousin  silhouettes

 my personal favorite project of the season.
framed silhouettes of the 13 cousins / grandchildren for grandma and papa,
and one for each family of their own kids.
i even used a type of black paper that can be easily removed 
so that we can update these as the kids grow.

another handmade holiday from the defoyds...a most cherished way
to spend the christmas season!