Friday, May 23, 2014

troop camping day

we are gearing up for our annual camping weekend with friends!
ella & i had a little warm-up last week with the 2nd grade brownie scouts.
a day of trail mix making, bandana wearing, camp fire cooking and 
learning knots, fire building, compasses, caper charts and lots of new camp songs.
we'll be using our new fire skills this weekend for sure...
and maybe compass too if we get off track like we did last year on our hike.
happy memorial day weekend friends!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

little lugnut

we've entered the t-ball phase.
could it be any cuter?
those gloves, hats, pants and his little belt.
that he's #10 just like his dad.
that his team is called the lugnuts.
that it's actually okay for us to call him a lugnut...enthusiastically.
that he's loving it.
that he smiles at his proud tearful mama like this...

goooooo lugnuts!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

thankful tuesday, 5/20

i was suppose to be down and back to new york today for an event,
but an overnight/early morning cancellation put other plans into motion on this tuesday.
from corporate marketing to strawberry patch planting!
what's not to be thankful for in that?
  • today's change of plans and rolling with it
  • evenings at the baseball field
  • bennett in a hat
  • overwhelmed by bennett moments - more on that later
  • new family bike ride adventures
  • mother's day loves
  • camping fun with the girl scout troop
  • a growing garden
  • groundhog defense strategy planning with my farmer hubs
  • answered prayers and encouragement to pray harder
  • school countdown
  • puddles
  • brimfield date with wes
  • chippy paint treasures
  • backyard chicken fun
  • barn parties in full swing
  • pictionary and barn laps for losers
  • sunscreen and bug spray scented little people
  • these few extra minutes to pause and be thankful

Sunday, May 11, 2014

happy mother's day

the sun has set on what was a most lovely mother's day 
with these three and the guy by my side.
sending love and gratitude to our sweet moms and 
dear friends who inspire daily in the beauty, wisdom and grace 
in which they mother.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


a look at our recent instabits...
ones that are all about little chicks, final winter days, 
early spring, adventures, school activities, coop building and sweet moments at home.
new chicks who aren't so little anymore
winter hikes
embracing the frozen tundra
first tire swing ride
first ride on her new zipline
burning brush
healthy dr. seuss birthday snack
healthy snacks for mama too
sewing with my girls
happy in her new headbands
final sick days - it was a doozy of a season for our crew
and muddy puddles...finally!
the chicks arrive
smitten (chick magnet)...
we are smitten for sure!
watching the birds outside too
happy st. patricks day!
mud fun
yard work crew
first lost tooth milestone
and 2 wheeler success for this guy!
school projects
museum trips
first backyard campfire
rooting for our #10 and the fcch softball team
bleacher snacks
inch by inch, row by row...gonna make this garden grow
garden worm hunting
garden bug finding
loving the dirt
bird house painting
a great phase of brother & big sister bonding
chicken coop building
kiddo ice cream shop before it officially becomes the coop
the finished coop and our wonderful builder
little napper
egg painting fun with friends
happy easter!
new sidewalk chalk
side walk creations
craft night with the girls
star wars indoctrination with uncle matt
keeping up with the big kids at the park
spring in central park
bedtime piggyback rides
2nd grade heritage day

growing chicks
the chick master

little piano player
family fun run
this last picture sums up the instabits for sure!
we are off & running into spring, end of school and all the fun of this season.