Monday, July 30, 2012

a few days in nh

memories and moments from our few days away in new hampshire.  
a last minute trip, but one we'll for sure always remember!

our picturesque camping spot right on the saco river...

tubing down the saco river too 
(this 1st pic is taken right from our campsite)...
meeting up with the greenfields for breakfast
at polly's pancake parlor.
followed by a hike 
up the franconia notch flume.
a competitive game of mini golf.
ella scored the only hole-in-one (anya & her uncles should be proud)
campsite s'mores & sparklers...

followed by hammock story time snuggles.
skipping stones in the river...
and last but not least, some fun & rides at storyland!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

thankful tuesday, 7/24

  • hugging my family a little tighter, as we mourn the tragedy in colorado
  • catching rain drops with the kids
  • gorgeous 70's after some icky hot
  • wes' fresh salsa from our garden tomatoes
  • remembering how much i adore jason veritek
  • borax science lab with e&b
  • drinks & laughs w/the girls (even w/o an actual drink)
  • friendly's sundaes
  • watching anne of green gables with ella
  • a saturday afternoon to myself
  • crying over a good book
  • camp putnam memories (old & new)
  • lemondade stands
  • a lovely church family cookout
  • welcoming a new neighbor
  • a forgiving friend after a scary moment
  • zipline adventures
  • rocking out to the vbs soundtrack
  • shelling peas
  • no jury duty for we can get out of town for a few days!

Monday, July 23, 2012

camp putnam

our annual summer visit to one of our most favorite places...
camp putnam!

to hang out with these dear friends.
just 14 years ago ashley & joel and wes & i 
were camp counselors together at this most special place.
oh the memories!

 and now years later,
taking our own little campers on a canoe ride...

and catching frogs off the dock...

 and having fun at friday night circus night...

 and being crazy...
just like old times.

so thankful for this dearest friend...
this most special place...
memories from years ago...
and making new ones with our crew.

Friday, July 20, 2012

green bean bouquets

many like to surprise their neighbor with a 
bouquet of fresh cut flowers from their garden.
we like to surprise friends and neighbors with a 
bouquet of fresh cut green beans from ours.

my kids are thankful, because it means less on their dinner plates! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

fun in the sun

a few pics from a beautiful day in the sun and in the sand
 with my favorite people.
we love the beach!

baywatch crew

beating the hubs at a game of cribbage...though he's a bit of a sore loser!

 so he decided to ditch the cards and take ella to play some football

beach secrets...and they aren't telling!

affectionately called "diarrhea castles."  
yup, gross - but passing down the tradition from my grandma reardon 

loving me some towel snuggles at the end of a perfect day

and one last pit stop to "bennett's general" store before driving home.
we love the beach!