Friday, December 30, 2011

"k" is for...

kitchen time
and these kisses
koko the loko


kings..3 kings

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

thankful tuesday, 12/27

i hope you all had a most special christmas. our was just wonderful..and of course followed by celebrating this little guy's 3rd birthday! 
  • going through 3 bags of flour, 2 bags of sugar and i think 4 boxes of butter this baking season
  • caroling
  • every bit of our advent celebrations
  • christmas card trivia
  • ella's "dancing in my head excitement"
  • final preparations
  • gingerbread lessons learned (never again)
  • cookie (or bread) swap with the girls
  • kiddo handmade treasures
  • reading through luke...and the tears that followed
  • contemplating that manger like i never have before
  • christmas eve at home with sweet guests
  • christmas at home with sweet guests
  • new traditions
  • lunch at reed's and a visit with katie
  • my hubby for doing all the holiday grocery shopping
  • bennett turns "free" (3)
  • my little christmas present can he be 3?!
  • spot it...super fun family game (go get it!)
  • new treasures...and thoughtful loved ones
  • fresh air after days of toys, eating and over stimulated kiddos

Monday, December 19, 2011

an old fashioned christmas

it could not have been a more perfect weekend of christmas preparations & celebrations. there was something almost magical about it.  from the music in the backround, to the smells in the kitchen, to the fellowship with friends, to the handmade treasures, to the simplicity of it all. a bit of an old fashioned christmas...sweet joy!

cloved apples (just like the ingalls family)

baking cookies

creating handmade treasures for teachers and loved ones (i can't wait to show you the finished product!)
 more baking (loaves & loaves for loved ones)
and some not exactly "baking" fun and heart warming, it truly felt like we had stepped back in time!
hoping this week is filled with the simple joys of christmas for you too - merry christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011

"j" is for...

jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way

jacks fun
 jody & paige visit
jumping for joy!
 junk food picnic (they deserved it after all that j day jumping & jogging)
jeans & more jingle ball bracelets for our caroling outing tomorrow
jesus in a manger

Thursday, December 15, 2011

lesson learned

when trying to get take photos of your kids for grandparent christmas gifts, or to enlarge 8x10 or 10x20 for your own home...don't give the chocolate bribe "BEFORE" you take the picture.  nothing says i love you like teeth & lips lined with chocolate. lesson learned.

Friday, December 9, 2011

thankful tuesday, 12/13

  • sharing the magic of the nutcracker with ella
  • ballerinas
  • kids acting out the book, caps, caps for sale
  • watching your tired & very crabby boy doze off into a peaceful rest
  • over 7,000 women at the mass women's conference 
  • sharing the day with my mom
  • christmas party with sweet friends
  • cat's cradle with the girls
  • shape tree fun with bennett
  • sweet manger play
  • 2 hour lunch date with sue
  • moving christmas worship at church
  • buying gifts for those in need
  • kiddo excitement
  • simple gifts
  • family ladies' luncheon
  • hard news and hurting for others with others
  • bennett taking a bedtime bow
  • family chores...and our little strategy talks about who has what chore
  • folding warm laundry on a chilly day
  • girl scout cookie time

shape trees

bennett is in a "shape" phase.  around every corner asking "what shape is this?"..."what shape is that?"  so today we made some little shape ornaments to hang on these little branch christmas trees.  cute & easy project that entertained him for a good chunk of our morning. putting the ornaments on & off the trees, sorting them and of course having a little chat with each of his new tree friends!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"i" is for...

continuing our journey through the alphabet...

ice cream for breakfast!  a perfect way to start "i" day...
 irish breakfast tea...the way i started my "i" day!
inches...lots of lots of inches measuring with these little measuring tapes
igloos...made out of sugar cubes
igloos covered in icing...and an i is for insane sugar high after this project
i believe in santa
ingalls family...and the start to our little house on the prairie journey!