Thursday, July 20, 2017

cape bits

tonight i mandated a 6:45 bedtime.
bath, book, quiet.
we are having a wonderful summer, 
but my crew is tired...though they say otherwise...with a passion.
so while my summer sun kissed babes sleep, 
how about a lil' look back at how we kicked off summer?
oh cape cod we love you.
and i really love my people too.
awake and asleep.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

camp & talent show nostalgia

well it's thursday.
talent show night.
i'm feeling nostalgic.
i was the 2nd flower from the right.
some of the dearest friends were the other 3 flowers.
i can explain.

our ella & bennett are away this week.
their first week of sleep away summer camp.
and not just any summer camp.
camp putnam.
the very best camp there ever ever was.
the care & share camp.

the camp where i was a proud village 4 counselor along with my best friend 
and amazing friends/sisters for years & years.
the camp where i got to crush, love and eventually marry the handsome counselor from village 1.
the camp where i learned in my tween & teen years the very best parts of 
love, friendship, memories, heartbreak, getting dirty, being silly, 
gimp, frogs, braids, exhaustion, selflessness, 
compassion, diversity, creativity, security, grit and grace.
the camp that is so very much a part of who i am twenty years later...
in my life, in the work that i do, in our faith, in our family,
in our teams, in our backyard, in our hopes, in our dreams.

well tonight we are missing our kids...big time.
and tonight is camp putnam talent show favorite.
and tomorrow they will be handed their first camp putnam red feather...cherished.
and saturday they will come home dirty and tired 
and the quills of their red feather filled with  
camp putnam memories...priceless.

i can't even stand it.
so, i dug into my attic boxes and took a lil' trip down memory lane.
a wee peek from back in the day.
can you hear my heart bursting?