Sunday, September 22, 2013

junk sculpture

bennett was only 2 at the time, but boy did he remember!
after reading this simple book about the neighborhood garbage man, 
he thought we should surprise him by creating another tower.
he thought this would be a nice surprise for these workers
who have a pretty hard and sometimes smelly job.
so a trash picking we a went! 
with a busted lampshade, snack boxes, old markers, wrappers,
milk jug, dunkin' donuts cups and a bunch of other recyclables
along with our hot glue gun and duct tape and we got to creating.
jane loved it too, crawling around and exploring, yes, garbage, and yes, with her mouth!
you won't find that on pinterest or in parent's magazine...but here you have it on bits & bobs!
maybe you don't find it there because the baby pallet isn't quite ready for the spiciness
of the grey poupon mustard jar that you forgot to rinse out before putting in the recycling?!

 i did muster up a for real brilliant idea though...
 that we could use this project to help clean-out all
the wrappers, french fries and cheerios from the back of the car!
so we took our creation outside and started adding things from there.
brilliant, right?!
upon completion, he proudly and quite carefully carried it to the
end of the driveway for the next day's trash pick-up. 

 a successful story time, craft project, fine motor skills practice
and some car clean-up all rolled into one!

note: no baby was harmed in the making of this masterpiece

Thursday, September 19, 2013

ten on ten : september

1. morning backpack packing
2. breakfast for spike
3. teacher thank you
4. school drop-off line after missing the bus 
(maybe i shouldn't have been taking 10 on 10 pic of above teacher gift)
5. little crawler
6. antique ford
7. farm rooster
8. lunch time
9. afternoon creating
10. pendant shopping

Monday, September 16, 2013

ella's "wheelie" fun bike birthday

for ella's birthday back in august, she had the idea of having a bike birthday party.
such a fun idea from the girl who learned how to ride her
two-wheeler earlier this summer and rides any chance she can!

so we invited everyone to bring their bike or scooter for a fun afternoon of...
bike washing...
handlebar sign making...
tassel hanging (ella & loved making all these colorful tassels)...
crazy helmet decorating...
noise-making bike spoke beading...
pizza wheel eating...
and of course lots and lots of bike riding!
 they put on quite the bike show for our new neighbors...
or i should say "we" put on quite the show for the neighbors!
a bunch of cute kids on decorated bikes
followed (aka chased) by a bunch of moms on foot trying to keep up!
thankfully, wes (and laura) hopped on a bike to keep up with the gang.
a "wheelie" fun birthday for our "wheelie" special 7-year old!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

vacation recap - the rest of the pics

to wrap-up the vacation re-cap i'm sharing the rest of my pics.
moments treasured, captured and and now documented! 
we are so very thankful for this family and the memories we made this summer.
looking forward to the next one!