Thursday, March 14, 2013

liquid gold

around this time last year we visited a local farm for their maple sugar festival.  
ever since wes had been thinking and planning on how could have one of our own.  

he was convinced that the tree in his mom's backyard was a sugar maple...and he was right!  
one giant sugar maple that we hoped was filled with nature's candy. 

so he did his research,
bought the supplies (3 taps and 3 collection buckets),
and kept an keen eye on the february temperatures.  
you need days that are above freezing during the day, but that drop below freezing at night.  
this is when the maple sap starts a flowin'.

over february break we drove out west to tap the tree,
and had the expert help of pa pa cha cha to keep an eye on the collecting
and to change out the buckets as they filled. 
within a week and half later we had collected 15 gallons of sap!  

so we drove our west to spend the day with grandma and pa pa
for our very own maple sugar fest!
flannel shirts are required.
really they are.

these two kept a watchful eye on the sap boiling while 
sipping hot cocoa and trying to keep warm.
it literally took all afternoon to boil down the 15 gallons.  

we had some professional taste testers too.  
showing the kids along the way how the sap was turning into the syrup.  

it was amazing how it just kept getting sweeter and sweeter.  
even the steam smelled sweet!  

and since the process literally took all day.  
we had lots and lots of time for board games...

cuddles with grandma...

playing with cousins...

and watching movies! 

the following morning it was time for the much anticipated pancake breakfast,
served with our very own maple syrup!

some call it liquid gold...and now we know why. 
liquid gold indeed...and a golden memory for sure.  

a big thanks to our "maple sugar daddy" for this
wonderful fun project, special memory and the start of a new tradition!

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  1. What an awesome adventure! I love when memories like these made! :)