Wednesday, September 26, 2012

bam shots

we have another little soccer player in the house!
mr. b is lacing up the cleats, hitting the green and perfecting his "bam shots."
bam shots - his official name for scoring a goal.

yours truly was quite content to be cheering from the sidelines,
while sipping a pumpkin spiced latte 
and snuggled in my scarf on a chilly fall morning.

when all the other moms are out there 
kicking it around the pitch with their future stars...
sometimes a mama does what a mama needs to do!  
dust off her skills from back in the day, 
complete with preggo belly and knee-high boots!.

bam shot!


  1. way to go, mama! these pics are darling -- my boys play soccer, also, and "bam shot" sounds like something they'd say, too!
    hopping over from ETC...

  2. Um adorable! Can't handle the tiny shin guards, cute blog momma!!

  3. These are such great photos! I'm sure your son will cherish these forever :) :)

  4. Dropping by from ETC. You are one brave Mama! Great pictures and even better memories.