Wednesday, February 15, 2012

where the wild things are...

he roared his terrible roar...

and gnashed his terrible teeth...

and rolled his terrible eyes...
and showed his terrible claws...where the wild things are.
man alive...our little wild thing is throwing himself some major tantrums these days.  
this last pic resulted in him ramming his head into the wall...seriously.

my favorite kind are the ones that happen in the aisles of target that go something like this...

he rips 2 loaves of bread off the shelves, and takes off running, bread in hand, up and down the aisles of target.  i don't chase him right away, count 1-2-3 and then realize he's not coming back.  i start out at a fast pace, and then full-blown sprint, up and down the aisles shouting his name.  at least 5 people (mostly other moms of course) asking me... "are you looking for the kid w/the bread?"  me...yes, please (commence sweating).

i finally track him down, and essentially tackle him to floor.  there we are sitting on the floor (on top of the 2 loaves of bread) trying to reason with him, amidst the tears, screams and fierce squirms.  then along comes one of my new my girl scout's mom - who decides to stop for a friendly "let's get to know one another chat."

yes - i'm still on the floor.
yes - i'm still sitting on the bread.
yes - my child is still trying with all his might to get out of my arms.
yes - i'm sweating.
yes - this mother is trusting me to lead her daughter in my troop.

i try to carry on and engage in conversation - thinking to myself, "um....i can't really chat right now, i'm sweating and trying to tame a wild thing."

instead, i smile - finish conversation - and leave target immediately,  paying only for the 2 loaves of squished bread - because i don't have the energy or the resources to track down my abandoned cart full of all the stuff i was there to by in the first place.
oh where the wild things are...

so today, i'm beyond reasoning.
 instead i whip out the camera...
take a few photos...
step over him...
and carry on my business. 

 and then just moments later...this.

photo taken after we got his coat off, 
which is what initially triggered today's photographed meltdown.  

where the wild thing are and where mama sweats...alot!

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  1. thank you so much for linking up! and what a great idea to photograph the madness which is a tantrum. i might try that next time! xoxo.