Tuesday, May 19, 2015

thankful tuesday, 5/19

tonight as the clouds parted and the sun was setting, 
i got to spend time all to myself planting corn and greens from the greenhouse. 
these delicate little lives that were once iitty bitty seeds, 
yet like the sun have broken through. 
so i watered the soil with tears of gratitude and 
counted my joy list on this most overdue thankful tuesday.  
  • happy garden rows
  • baby caterpillar hunting (minus poo)
  • when women thrive launch in o'canada
  • mr and daddy who runs the ship while i'm away
  • the issues that bond us
  • impromtu overnight with my brother and sister-in-law
  • song requests and sing-a-longs with jane
  • a full volvo with screaming, dancing kids
  • a sermon i needed to hear on the morning i needed to hear it
  • teachers we adore
  • summer planning
  • sidelines with mama friends
  • medway pride
  • hen inspired stories with little authors
  • full egg baskets
  • swan lake piano homework
  • hand-me-down treasures
  • squirming and snuggles
  • ironpig chants
  • less than 30 days left till school is out

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