Saturday, November 28, 2015

birthday outing and mama moment

we celebrated little janie's 3rd birthday 
with an outing to the zoo.  
we had a super fun day.

but i also had a moment.
one of those kid birthday mama moments.
yes, because i can't believe my baby is three.
but this particular moment was centered around logistics.
actually the utter lack of logistics.

you see, we didn't even decide to go to the zoo until mid-morning
due to our post-turkey day daze.
but realizing it was 65 degrees, we decided the zoo would be 
a fun outing for our birthday girl. 

so we got dressed.
then we got into the car. 
we swung through starbucks for a caffeine treat.
we drove the hour while belting out about 50 hellos with adele.

when we arrived at the zoo, we parked, we got out of the car.
then... wait for it.
we walked in.

just us.
no backpack.
no stroller.
no diaper bag.
no packed lunch.
no snack.
no purse (mr. had the funds).
just us.
(oh and an iphone to snap a few pics.)

then it hit me.
i have a three year old.
i have three big kids.
that we are here now.

commence mama moment.
commence trying to get the rest of my 
family to understand the magnitude of this.
they didn't.
so instead i just took it in all.

bounce in my step.
arms swinging.
hand holding.  
gorgeous day. 
beautiful family.
some of god's most spectacular creations.
a happy birthday girl.

it was great.
everyone survived.
no melt downs.
we even went out for lunch afterwards.
in a real restaurant.
it was amazing.
we are here now.
mama moment.
happy birthday baby gir.


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