Sunday, February 7, 2016

football and growing up

happy super bowl sunday friends.
while we are sad neither the cowboys or patriots 
are competing in the big game i know i will remember this season
as b's entrance into a new phase of boyhood...and me of motherhood.

he turned 7 and over night fell in love with the game of football.
the same love that through the years was devoted to
thomas the train, rescue bots, super heroes, 
matchbox cars, ninjago, star wars and pokemon.

play that used to center around characters and cartoons,
is now rooted in hometown teams, divisions, logos, mascots, 
player statistics and real life humans.

choo choo, vehicle, laser sounds and japanese expressions 
have been replaced by drawing up plays, shouting at the tv, 
tackles and all things "epic."

for wes, parenting in this next phase is awesome...
a dream come true.
but for me...
it's challenging.

because when this boy gets into something, he really gets into it.
some may call it borderline obsession.

it's just how he's always been.
he will study and memorize anything and everything he can about whatever it is.
and then he'll want to talk about it.
all. the. time.

this was easier when it was like 10 trains who all had an easy to recognize 
color, number and were always helping one another shunt or haul freight.

this was easier when the series was on dvr, 
and though i didn't always watch with him, the scripts of ninjago or rescue bots 
were the soundtrack of our quiet time and simple enough 
to follow along with from a distance.

this was easier when he didn't always notice that i wasn't fully tracking with him, 
and when i could get away with responses like 
"uh huh" "how interesting" or "why do you think that is?"'s different now.
football facts, figures, player trading cards and the complexities 
of the game are now the soundtrack of our days.
and my "uh huh" and "really" and "why do you think that is?"  efforts are simply not cutting it.

don't get me wrong...i love a good football game.
but give me a break...
the amount there is to know about a game that is celebrating 
super bowl 50 is more than my brain can handle.  

i'm exposed.
a lot. 

and while i miss dearly the days of trains and matchbox cars, 
i love how this boy of ours is growing up.
how his "things" become our "things."
and while i can't retain football facts and figures like 
my fantasy football stud of a husband, i'm diving in.  
nfl trivia anyone?

as we wrap up the nfl season,
i'm pausing to embrace this new season of parenting.
the cowboys and patriots have a new devoted fan.
and i have a son who is growing up before my eyes.

i may not track with it all.
i may need to fake it...a lot.
and while wes has this phase in the bag,
i want to play too.
because this phase of parenting and playing is just as sweet.

and when the home team loses in the afc championship, 
like they did a few weeks back
i'm still his #1 comforter.
and he's still my baby boy.

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