Tuesday, April 12, 2016

thankful tuesday, 4/12

a long overdue thankful tuesday post
inspired by crazy and silly gratefulness that those meal swap meals shown up there
were safely delivered to friends and their sweet families,
after a slow motioned dive by yours truly across the kitchen to rescue them
just nanoseconds before gus the dog swiped them off the counter.
phew. safe. thankful. 
i'm still sweating.

it rocks me every time.
being overwhelmed and overtaken
in the small every day moments like these.
moments that inspire and propel us one minute,
and often those that shatter and break us in the next.

here's to gratitude and how it turns 
everything into enough.

meal swap rescue
that gus is lucky he is cute
between mom fellowship
sushi and mama confessions
pokaaaaaaa in the baaaaaaaaan (poker in the barn)
dodgeball sillies and seriousness
weekends with matt and maria
chats with the chicks
chats with my chicks (not chickens)
brand new babies and jane asking if we can "get one of those"
first mosquito bites
tickles to get the truth
basketball with b
sound of music with e
chicky chats with j
gardening with w
tuesday night with bits & bobs

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