Tuesday, April 26, 2016

thankful tuesday, 4/26

my recent thankful tuesday post was inspired by a heroic save 
of the meal swap / new baby meals from the grips of gus the dog.

tonight's post is inspired by the not so heroic destruction
of my son's brand new team baseball hat by the same gus the dog.

rather, that bennett's coach thankfully has an extra hat
saving us from a complete and utter bennett melt-down.

thanks coach.
no thanks gus.

a few days in our nation's capital
our country
our history
our heritage
vaca moto "experience, appreciate, remember"
razor scooters for tired feet
stroller naps
car snacks
toilet paper tissues
friends who hurt and love deeply together
an afternoon with the russell girls
baby photo shoot moments
news of a new baby long prayed for
first garden sprouts peeking through
counting steps with betsy
that my mother-in-law is cleared to start walking...and rocking it
wes' first bbq brisket in the smoker
friends and family to share it with
cutie cousins
bare feet in the backyard
gum and 4th grade girls
opening day celebrations
calendars and car pools for all these schedules and games

here's to gratitude and how it
turns everything into enough.

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