Monday, June 13, 2016

sunshine in my pocket instabits

i don't know about you, but i have that new jt "can't stop that feeling" song on repeat.
a little theme song to us movin' and groovin'
through the lotta lotta life that's been lived these last few weeks.

"all through my city, all through my home...
"i've got that sunshine in my pocket...
i've got that good soul in my feet...
i've got this feeling in my body...
can't stop this feeling."

we may not have moves like jt,
but give us a plunger, bandana and an occasional high heel pump and 
we can take care of businesssssssssss.

a few of our sunshine in my pocket instabits 
from the last few weeks.

taking names and taking care of businesssssssss...
spring's arrival on the farm
growing gus
a visit to the seed catalog at the library
preparing the rows
planting with the girls

fertilizing...just kidding.  
first sprouts and sweater baskets
asparagus bouquets
harvests in our jammies
weeding with our flame thrower
growing chicks and jane their mama
custom cartons by janie
weeding the greens
lots of time on this green
weeknight practices with these fierce girls
and saturday games
girls rule!
my people
wes' people (some of them)
weeknights at the ball field
and saturday's too...
we heart cassidy park
first time on the pitching mound
game rat and double bubble chewer
a weekend getaway behind that red door in newport 
bonding and memories with these awesome ladies
and a weekend away in these tents
with these incredible girls
girl scout encampment with my not so mini mini
ropes course
campside mama triple aaa
filling my boy's bucket after a lot of mama time spent with the girls
dodgeball fun with these studs
pumpin' up the boyzzzzz
dress-up at home
ferocious monster
lookin' good
orthodox easter with family
remembering grammy with her antique easter eggs
new smiles
smiles while getting his new bible
early morning walks
walks with gus
dance parties in the bathroom
ping pong competitions in the garage
poker night in the barn
wine and fractions
coffee and quiet time
donuts and quiet time
mother's day surprise picnic
mother's day snuggles
owl making with our girl scouts
owl (outstanding women leaders) celebrating with the troop
mom's night out...with 2 different shoes on
creative cages
filthy faces and chicken friends
backyard campfires
friends and foes
backyard quiet time
backyard party time
barn party bbq
barn party art from a friend
memorial day red, white and blue snuggles
memorial day s'mores
final spelling test prep
final afternoon homework time
homework reading in the hammock
signs of summer
visits from the ice cream truck
when women thrive 2016 welcome reception at the renwick
exhibits at the renwick
lights, camera...
action...conference underway!
vision in ink at www 2016
toasting another successful program!
date night after my conference
farm day for e
field day for b
field day for e
chorus concert for e
field trip for b
arts night for e
arts show and tell for b
piano recital for e
backyard bouquets
come on summer...we are ready for you!

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