Wednesday, December 21, 2016

fall bits

over the last few weeks,
as we have entered this new season,
everytime i tell the kids
"put your coat on, it's winter"
"you can't wear shorts, it's winter"
"you need a hat, it's winter"
i get the immediate
"it isn't winter yet, moooooommmmm!"
well today that game is over.
winter is officially here.
mom is always right, but now mom is officially right.
so here on the first day of winter, 
i thought i'd share the last of our fall bits.
also, because my phone is about to 
blow-up with christmas pics, so time to put these 
in the bits and bobs memory bank.
bundle up friends, it's winter.

fall hike
blankets of leaves
doing the dab...all.the.time.
golden hour backyard campfire
shoes and bag that match the pretty leaves
handsome boy who also matches the laves
coffee sipping and photo taking on the dreamy swing 
monkey bar graduate with the blisters to prove it
homework routines in full swing

warming up by the fire in between wood stacking and leaf blowing
putting the leftover halloween candy to good use
the tumble bus visits the farm for some birthday fun 
janie's 4th birthday
a friday night proposal to his mom
the last of the garden harvest
cowboys on a roll 
pumpkin carving
scarecrow stuffing
scarecrow snuggling
chili cook-off tasting
ballot casting
morning chores on the farm
sister playing a tune
a friend sharing her cranberry harvest

leaf pile jumping
golden grass trekking
fall family hiking

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