Monday, January 2, 2017

lingering in christmas

oh what a joyous 
christmas season it has been for this little family.
and in many ways, we are still in it.
all the new year feels haven't quite hit me yet.
i feel them stirring
i know they are in there.
i just can't get my head, energy or heart into them quite yet.
so until then,
maybe one more christmas cocktail
while i sit by our pretty tree and look through our christmas bits.
merry christmas friends!

up first some christmas decorating.
we so loved our trees this year.
i don't want to take them down!

tree hunting
ornament unpacking
two tree trimming
a tree for farm friends
actually for hosting friends in the barn
my light detangler and stringing partner
our house tree trimmers
gus enjoying his spot under the tree
but also wishing bennett would  play with him
morning snuggles by the tree
and little sister make-over for brother too
candle light devotions by the tree too
preparing our hearts
to love, serve, rejoice and embrace the season
through our daily advent activity is very special to us.

advent calendar count down
with outings to the nutcracker
little ballerina twirler
christmas jammies and a polar express ride on the couch in our den
donut dates before school
gingerbread house making
gingerbread cookie decorating too
cookie baking
cookie tasting
cookie baking in the barn with friends
little bakers
sophisticated bakers
dudes who attack bakers from the barn loft
or play football instead of cookie baking and caroling
caroling around the neighborhood
the kids weren't the only ones having fun with 
friends this season.
we got to see and visit with so many friends and family
this christmas...hearts full!

east coast - west coast / medway - new braintree friends that are family
ctk lovelies
family love on christmas day
small group lovelies
mcc lovelies
book club lovelies
mama lovelies
family love on christmas eve
bff lovely
dinner party & game night lovelies
cocoa and caroling lovelies
some of time with friends
even got to visit with mr. clause himself.

or my dad, who was happy to play grandpa clause
mr. c's sleigh made landing on a perfect snowy night

happy little elves
happy barn
grandkids with grandpa clause
grateful for christmas blessings in this special spot
also grateful for
christmas blessings at mcc

candle light service
community concert
pre-school christmas sing
and trips to bethlehem for our little mary
and the christmas story told with such joy!
this season brought us a few
days that fulfilled the wishes for a white christmas.

snow at the farm
gus bundled up to play in the snow
perfect snow for snowball fights
and cotton balls for indoor snowball fights
ready to sneak attack dad with snowballs
a few more pics of our preparations,
and treat making.

cookie dough rolling
addictive treat making
kids who did their own present wrapping
or should i say present
the chicks were also quite giving this season,
bringing an egg bounty.
love these chicks...
i think these next few pics prove it!

gifts from the flock
chick apparel for christmas at home
red & green for the girls
chick christmas hugs
and a new vintage sign that looks oh so good here at the farm.
speaking of looking good here at the farm,
check out these new wheels!

watch out speed racer coming through!
when bennett lets me borrow his new dirt bike
and a fly moped for ella
and pink bike with training wheels for janie

so much fun,
and lots of new games to play!

board games for days
friendly competition
and the fun of a simple top
and outfitted head to toe in medway gear
we celebrated a little boy's birthday too!
best christmas present ever,
turned 8 on the 26th.

birthday wishes
sportin' his new bennett jersey (thanks pats for signing martelus bennett)
outing to star wars with the uncles
cheers to uncle matt!
fun with uncle tim and auntie leigh too
and then this weekend,
we had christmas with wes' side.
so much love with this crew of kids (big & little).

cousin sillies
games by the fire
snowball fights with the little ones
rascals who discovered the mistletoe
present (under the watchful eye of creepy uncle justin)
uncle justin not so creepy serenading
sweet girls
kiddo tables
big kid table
missing tooth partners
brother bonding
and that's a christmas bits & bobs' wrap!
so much love, fun and wonderful memories with 
friends and family.
and while i do wish you dear readers a very happy new year,
you'll find me lingering a little longer here in christmas! 

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