Tuesday, August 9, 2011

thankful tuesday, 8/9

  • catching raindrops with the kids
  • last minute playground gatherings
  • a wonderful visit to my fairy godmother's home
  • old friend reunions
  • kiddo diving board jumps with chuck
  • trail mix trades amongst the kids...almonds for raisins
  • kiddo wagon rides with anya
  • arrival of back to school back packs...and the kids jamming them full with all sorts of treasures for their pretend school. they jammed them so much so that bennett actually fell backwards down a few stairs. not thankful that the poor guy fell...but that the bag broke his fall.  guess the little guy can't quite lug it all quite yet...good thing he's not actually going to school, but has a cute backpack for his treasures.
  • sea side - pool side day with the jansons
  • beach football with little boys
  • dibble fun
  • my sweaty softball playing stud being in a good mood even though they lost in the finals
  • burgers & beers with friends
  • gritty arugula
  • surrendering the hunt over a long long overdue library book
  • pippi longstocking play with friends
  • anna's burritos picnics
  • an afternoon with my college roomies and our 5 little ones
  • mother-daughter dinner with the reed girls
  • new braintree memories
  • tomato bounty
  • birthday countdowns
  • b's "no...don't say dat" and "piddow tackles"
  • my friends' sweet encouragement with this blog...it warms my heart!
  • creative outlets

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