Tuesday, August 30, 2011

home with irene

an inside look at our hurricane irene weekend. a special shout out to all those that still don't have power and are struggling with home damage...we are praying for you!

made some masquerade masks
in the kitchen
between friday & saturday we picked 20lbs+ each of peaches and tomatoes! so the weekend included some time in the kitchen - peeling, chopping, preparing and tasting. i can also proudly report that i have mastered having salsa for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack!
lots of reading & playing
a few clothespin mermaids were made
 a little walk & some puddle splashing
 some friendly competition
relying on these supplies
thankfully we only lost power for a day - so we were able to have more fun than stress unlike many of our dear friends & family :(  a memorable weekend all the same and i'm thankful i got to spend it with my 3 favorite people.

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