Tuesday, August 16, 2011

thankful tuesday, 8/16

  • my baby girl turning 5
  • these memories
  • turtle hunts at choate
  • harvesting the tomatoes with dad
  • perfect ice cream outings
  • meeting sweet baby paige
  • calling a dear friend a mama for the first time
  • wrapping presents
  • admiring the beluga whale at the aquarium
  • sharing god's creation with our kids
  • praying for my aunt nancy
  • lunching, shopping, relaxing, dining, drinks, laughing and a little bit of luck with good friends
  • martini giggles and unfortunate photos ;)
  • celebrating my grandmother's 94th birthday
  • catching up with all the turchinetz family...it had been too long
  • rainy birthday celebrations at home...not storyland, but special all the same
  • rainbow fun
  • playing classic games from our childhood with our kids (light bright & guess who)
  • resting
  • tears of thanks
  • glimpses of fall...but summer, please don't go!
  • neighborhood walks with stacy

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