Tuesday, March 20, 2012

thankful tuesday, 3/20

  • 1st day of spring
  • lazy mornings after a crazy week
  • blooming flowers
  • b's family puzzle piece sweetness
  • motivating meetings
  • catching an earlier shuttle home
  • embracing laundry, baking, cleaning, bickering...even cleaning the toilet after a week away
  • winter water park fun
  • fun family day to celebrate the end of a long week
  • monkey on a cupcakes hysterics
  • being honest and vulnerable with sweet friends
  • meeting little naomi...being amazed by a mom of 4 sweet girls
  • catching up with dear friends
  • being surrounded by books with e
  • little bug catchers
  • peaceful painting with the kids
  • calvin's birthday fun
  • a sunny day playing and visiting with family
  • monkey in the middle giggles

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