Wednesday, June 6, 2012

thankful tuesday, 6/5

  • a rainy saturday to get stuff done
  • celebration sunday at church...amazing
  • a morning of all my favorite hymns
  • 1st visit to the paynes as a family of 4
  • ella's kindergarten celebration and author's tea
  • cousin snuggles and playing in the rain
  • forgiveness in the midst of a forgetful moment
  • 1st grade orientation and preparations for ella and her parents (denial)
  • weeding up at the farm...the perfect stress reliever
  • that the crazy pollen season is over
  • slip & slide fun w/neighbors
  • serving with some wonderful and godly women for an event we are planning
  • making iced tea
  • morning devotions
  • working on our summer list
  • feeling like a real artist
  • the smell of bug spray
  • fresh basil from the garden
  • an awesome memorial day weekend
  • me and my daisy scout
  • a gorgeous beach day
  • kiddo joy of swimming & splashing with their clothes on
  • laughing with sweet friends around the campfire
  • wonderful camping memories
  • tackling a giant to-do list
  • end of school anticipation...1 more week!
  • braiding ella's hair
  • easier bedtimes...even if it's hard to say goodbye to b's midday nap (and mine)
  • 1st lobster roll of the season and a beautiful day in newburyport

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