Tuesday, June 12, 2012

running to the finish line

ella surely is running, running, running to the kindergarten finish line!  a flurry of end of year celebrations that has left this mama completely exhausted, baffled and in denial that this year is already coming to an end. wasn't i just chasing after the school bus on that first day of school?! but no...only 2 more days!

last week she had her "author's tea" and kindergarten celebration.  a memorable day in the classroom where each of the students read out loud at a podium and microphone a story that they had written.  turtles by ella defoyd...a touching story of the turtle anatomy and how they are eaten by raccoons.  a real tear jerker...seriously.

later in the week was field day!  who doesn't remember their elementary school field day of relay races, classroom competition and obstacle courses?!  so so fun... and not just because i got to participate as a member of team yellow with ella and all her adorable (and competitive) classmates!

2 more days of kindergarten.  2 more days until she's a 1st grader. 2 more days until summer vacation.  and yes, while she (we) are running, running to the finish line i want to remember to slow down and reflect, share with her and remember all that this year has brought.

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  1. so cute. good job, ella (& mama!)