Monday, July 2, 2012

dear self

dear self,
today you broke out in tears on the way back from the grocery store.  no grocery store mishaps. no tear jerker music on the radio. just you, your thoughts, and an overwhelmed heart.  oh how you needed that cry.  you came home and wrote this letter to yourself...

last week completely kicked your butt.  work was insane - thanks to supreme court ruling on health care reform and an intense campaign to get marketing plans drafted, communicated and delivered.  your head hurt alot.  your time with kids was stressful and distracted. things fell through the cracks.  you were a mess. but you survived.

you just turned the calendar to july - yet you don't know how it's possible that june is already over.  get over it.

take a few minutes to breath and gather yourself before putting the kids to bed.  this time is meant to be comforting and snugly for you and the littles...not a rushed, grumpy, life threatening battle simply because you and your tired body are done.

when you buy pineapples at the grocery store, please take the few minutes to cut it up and share it with your family.  they are not meant as counter decor or to tempt fruit flies in your kitchen for the week.

book a babysitter and get a date night on the books asap for you and wes.

remember that your paint-splattered pedicure and the kids paint-stained legs was worth the mess caused by a "family" fence painting project.

make sure the friend you made cry last week, knows how much you love and cherish her friendship.

write things down - your memory stinks these days.

get yourself in the word. summer vacation does not mean your bible collects dust.

try to limit yourself to 3 freeze pops a day (vs. 6-7)...and stop sneaking the kids favorite colors.

remember that you are pregnant and that the little one and his/her big brother and sister needs a happy, low-stress, loving and peaceful mama...and that wes needs a adoring wife not a whiner.

forgive yourself.

note: this was not written in an attempt to gain sympathy or as a way to gain encouragement from sweet readers.  just keeping it real and reminding myself that with these crabby moments come blessings, if only i'm not too wrapped up in myself to embrace them.

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