Tuesday, July 17, 2012

thankful tuesday, 7/18

  • a little boy in his baseball hat
  • a night walk firefly hunt
  • a letter from a friend on a day when i really needed it
  • memorable cbc moments for ella
  • a perfect beach day
  • an abundant vegetable garden...very rewarding
  • b's imaginary underwear
  • my future sister-in-law's beautiful bridal shower
  • a long island adventure with my mom and ella
  • more please & thank you's
  • belly bump kisses from the kids
  • family reunion planning
  • the magic of a freeze pop
  • cribbage competition with wes
  • kiddos jumping off the dock
  • a shady spot on a hot hot day
  • meal swap (especially on these hot summer days!)
  • pinterest goodies with sweet friends
  • tears...epitome of exhaustion & hormones
  • sunset swims at the lake
  • crazy dream confessions with the girls
  • middle of the night parenting
  • kicks from the wee one
  • check-lists and reward charts
  • little swimmers

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