Monday, August 6, 2012

sunflower sword

a little love for this children's book,
sunflower sword by mark sperring and miriam latimer. 
an absolute favorite this summer for little b and his mama too.

it's about a little knight (who also wears a colander on his head),
 who wants to fight dragons like all the other knights 
and have a sword to whoosh and swoosh like all the the other knights. 

  but his mother says he can't. 
until she decides to give him a sunflower sword instead.

while whooshing and swooshing (because this sound effect is a most natural instinct for all little knights) 
he comes face to face with a real dragon. 

instead of fighting the dragon, he offers him the flower. 
from then on the dragon and the knight become the best of friends, 
and play much better games than fighting.

soon the the news spread far and wide 
of how an enemy can become a friend,
and how the land become a peacful place.

one by one the knights laid down their swords, 
climbed to the top of dragon hill and waited...
until the little knight's mother gave them all 
a sunflower sword instead.

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