Monday, December 3, 2012


home sweet home.
our little family of 5 is settling in at home.
after a beautiful and healthy arrival of baby jane, we have spent the last few days balancing the incredible joy of our new baby alongside some crazy high fevers, emotional kiddos and a car accident.

jane & i with fevers and antibiotics after delivery.
ella battling a nasty virus with crazy high fever.
bennett wishing little sister was a brother and missing his mama.
an incredibly scary car accident for wes & the kids on the way to pick-up jane & i at the hospital.

 the girls' fevers have passed.
bennett adores his sister and has transitioned well into his role as big brother.
we are beyond grateful that the kids and wes are okay after the accident (see below).
home sweet home.

note:  on the way to hospital to pick-up jane & i to come home, the kids and wes were in a car accident.  an elderly man blacked out and drove into wes' lane hitting them head-on.  simultaneously a car hit them from the rear.  crazy scary...a totaled vehicle...but everyone was okay (thank you jesus)...just really shaken up and a wee sore.      

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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful new addition. So glad no one was hurt in the car accident- so scary.