Tuesday, April 23, 2013


hi friends.  i have so much to get caught up on in this little space, but today is for remembering.  remembering something i wish we could forget.  remembering something that will be with us americans, new englanders, bostonians, patriots forever.  remembering the ones that lost lives.  remembering all those that were hurt and battling for their lives. remembering the strange, uncomfortable and confusing emotional ride of last week that went from shock, to denial, to deep deep sadness, to fear, to celebration after the capture.  remembering 4.15.2013. and most importantly, remembering as it says in this song i've been singing all week that He will never let go. remembering that we must fear no evil.  remembering that His perfect love is casting out fear.  remembering that there will be an end to these troubles.


oh no He will never let go.  oh yes we will remember that. and oh yes we must pray.  pray for those that are hurting.  pray for those that are so scared. pray for justice. pray for healing. pray for boston.

before i go, i ask you to please please pray for our friend nicole's dad, mr. john odom. nicole was running the race and her family was waiting for her near the finish line when her dad was critically injured by the explosion.  please pray and support them via the link below.


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