Monday, July 1, 2013


july 1st...hello summer!
here's a little look at may and june via some instabits...

father and son...melt my heart

baby bonnet, picnic blanket and a shady spot

garden harvests

picking berries...stud

medway pride day...we love this little town

two-wheeler success

bikes, boo boos and bandaids...trying to keep up with big sister

new bike adventures

ice coffee and mason jars

rocking baby sister to sleep

best. giggle. ever.

friendship bracelet season

jane and her rolling over coach

sister storybook time
indoor camping

new tire swing fun

teacher gift making

field day fun

first grade froggie day

reading treasure island in our hispaniola...the hammock

celebrating national camp in the backyard night with friends

last day of school!

last day of school dance parties in the barn

summer concerts at the park

splashing around

life guard on duty!

chasing this guy down


our 2013 summer list...happy summer friends!

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