Wednesday, September 4, 2013

vacation recap - aunt erin & mustaches

 have i mentioned how much i love being aunt erin?
well i do...i just love it! 
 it's like reliving my days as a camp putnam counselor
with a village of cousins.
one of our vacation cousin & aunt erin adventures was to
 put on some silly mustaches and surprise all the adults. 

we used our sophisticate disguise to
surprise tackle big cousin taylor.
mission accomplished and documented...
sorry taylor!
they also loved giving grandma her own mustache to match papa charlie!
don't they look great?
later in the week we used the mustaches to
carry on the tradition of a water sneak attack on uncle wes/daddy.

i love being aunt erin...yes, yes i do!
here are a few other my other favorite aunt erin instabits from the summer.

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