Thursday, September 5, 2013

vacation recap - haybales and waterfalls

a vacation highlight was for sure our day trip up to ithaca.
just like those bumper stickers & t-shirts say... ithaca really is "gorges!"
an adventured-filled day of waterfalls & hay bales!
 wes and my kiddos know that fields with these kind hay bales are my absolute favorite!
they remind me of home and i just love them.
i'm always begging wes to pull over after we pass one 
so we can run around, climb and of course snap a few pics.
 well on our way to ithaca my driver husband couldn't say no, 
or that he wasn't turning around because they were everywhere!
 after our up close time in the hay field, it was time to continue on 
to get up close to some amazing waterfalls! 
the cousins thought it was pretty neat that they got to
explore around the base of buttermilk falls.
 removing debris 
was calvin's mission!
and sending debris down the fall 
was bennett's!
these gorges and waterfalls were just awesome,
and ithaca really is just "gorges!"

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