Thursday, November 21, 2013

all aboard!

what's better than a train ride with a bunch of pre-school boys?
not much i say, not much!
 these buddies joined us for our one stop ride to the next town.
the anticipation of the train's arrival is the best part!
hearing it approach...seeing the lights...
knowing that's it's coming for us...that we get to board!
 and then there is the conductor - with real tickets!
and for these mamas the conductor who made our day by giving us the ride for free!
 one stop later we were in the next town,
with just enough time for a snack and visit to the library.
 the perfect pit stop for a quick story 
and very entertaining puppet show!
 and then it was time to head back to the platform 
to catch the train back home.
 the perfect adventure...a treasured ticket keepsake...a happy boy.
all aboard!

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