Tuesday, November 19, 2013

thankful tuesday, 11/19

  • their joy
  • celebrating over10 years of friendship with my ctk girls
  • enforced hugging it out timeouts for e&b
  • enforced hand holding timeouts too
  • that they don't have to like each other, but they must love each other
  • capturing moments for friends and family here at the barn
  • little people smile creators
  • a perfectly lovely saturday morning with a&a
  • that my work brings me to the heart of downtown ny and boston in a way that makes me feel like these really are my cities
  • brilliant colleagues 
  • daddy-daughter leaf removing duo
  • b's monkeybar conquering
  • j's stair climbing
  • e's one-handed cartwheeling
  • little gymnasts
  • a mopped floor
  • sunday school pep talks & blessings
  • opening the barn kiddo clubhouse school house 
  • sabbath chowder & conversation with friends

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