Wednesday, January 8, 2014

handmade holiday

it was another handmade holiday from the defoyds!
here's what we gifted this year to friends, family and teachers...

bouquets of happy
i love making these little yarn pom poms(see how to here).
aren't they just so happy?
 we popped them on top of some sticks from the yard to create little bouquets of happy.
hopefully they are bringing a bit of color and cheer to friends and teachers these winter months.

fort kits
these were the kids' gifts from them to their buddies and cousins.
super easy and pretty darn fun to gift...and play with!
 we picked out some inexpensive flat sheets and stuffed it 
into a matching pillowcase...
 along with some kid painted 
clothes pins to secure the fort walls...
 and a trusty chew toy, 
i mean flashlight.
kid fort kit at the ready...
kid made and kid given!

vacation memory frames
 we made these frames for each family on wes' side 
with pictures from the family vacation on lake canindaigua this summer...
 we picked out some favorite snapshots of each family 
and clipped them into these painted and then distressed frames lined with chicken wire...
the chicken wire we are getting ready to use to build an actual coop this spring, 
but in the meantime has been my go to backing for framing candids with a wee clip...
love these happy helpers showcasing all the frames 
before we wrapped them up!

handmade with love from the defoyds
and maybe a wee inspiration for you readers.
(let us know if you need any chicken wire - we have tons!)

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