Tuesday, May 20, 2014

thankful tuesday, 5/20

i was suppose to be down and back to new york today for an event,
but an overnight/early morning cancellation put other plans into motion on this tuesday.
from corporate marketing to strawberry patch planting!
what's not to be thankful for in that?
  • today's change of plans and rolling with it
  • evenings at the baseball field
  • bennett in a hat
  • overwhelmed by bennett moments - more on that later
  • new family bike ride adventures
  • mother's day loves
  • camping fun with the girl scout troop
  • a growing garden
  • groundhog defense strategy planning with my farmer hubs
  • answered prayers and encouragement to pray harder
  • school countdown
  • puddles
  • brimfield date with wes
  • chippy paint treasures
  • backyard chicken fun
  • barn parties in full swing
  • pictionary and barn laps for losers
  • sunscreen and bug spray scented little people
  • these few extra minutes to pause and be thankful

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