Monday, March 2, 2015

bam...worlds colliding

worlds colliding...
i guess that's my best way of describing this 
season, transition, journey, opportunity.

those of you who have been reading along for a while probably know that i...
married my high school sweetheart...
am new englander through and true...
am a mama to three precious children...
like to take a photograph or two every once in a while...
raise chickens and grow veggies...
like to create things and celebrate beauty...
that i'm a sinner and thankfully saved by grace...
have a barn and like to throw parties in it...
allow my kids to jump off the furniture and paint their bodies instead of paper...
like all things old and chippy...
try my hardest to embrace gratitude whenever i can.

you may have also figured out that i work...
have seen little bits from my conferences or travels...
but that's about it.

bits and bobs and my every day personal relationships 
don't often focus on this part of my day-to-day.
i think it's sort of that way for a lot of moms who work.
it's the part of my life i don't often talk about.
afraid what others may think.
afraid to confess that i actually like to work.
afraid to admit that it sometimes complicates things.
afraid to show how the balls get juggled.
afraid to share that i find satisfaction in my career.
afraid to admit that this work is in corporate america (gasp).

it's just not something i talk about very often.
i've put a pretty deliberate wall between the two,
which means i don't often talk about the
 family, farm, faith, creative side of my life at work either.
aware that unconscious and often times very conscious bias exists in the business world.
aware that sharing that i'm a mom to three young kids might limit opportunity.
aware that very real social and cultural prejudices still exist.

well as i officially transition into a role
focused on advancing opportunities
for women in the workforce,
needless to say these worlds are colliding.
what i used to brainstorm and discuss with a
very small intimate group of women at mercer, 
or with friends who are navigating the two worlds has now become 
a global research and commercial platform.  
when i used to be asked what it is i do for work,
i used to be able to just say i lead marketing programs for a consulting firm.
well now when asked i get to say i lead a when women thrive program.
what i used to do passionately but on a volunteer-basis 
on the corner of my desk as has now become my full-time job. 

did you hear that?
worlds colliding.
and don't think it's lost on me that all the mess i shared in my earlier post 
has absolutely everything to do with me being in an
emotional whirlwind of trying to figure this out.
it's taking me way outside my safe little walls up comfort zone 
and putting me smack dab in the middle of something 
i've been dreaming and praying about for years.

as kathleen kelly (meg ryan) says in one of my favorites "you've got mail"
"it's not just business - it's personal.
it's personal to alot of people.
and what is so wrong with being personal anyways?
i don't get that.
whatever anything ever is - it should begin by being personal."

oh yes, it's very very personal!

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