Wednesday, March 4, 2015

no magazines this time...

i got my hair done tonight.
man o man did i need it.
i almost skipped.
i'm  so very glad i didn't.

it's really hard to fit it in sometimes.
without the guilt.
without feeling like a girly girl.
i struggle with that.
it's hard for me to just let myself enjoy it.
i think it's because i've been cursed with my
dad's irish grey/white hair since i was 21.
the having to have to go makes me kinda resent the place.
and then there's the cost of course and dent in the budget.
let's not think about what i could have done with
all that money spent the last 15 years...and in the next 15 years to come. 

so when i go i usually try to just detach while i'm there.
i'm not very chatty with the salon girls.
it's not because i don't like them,
they are wonderful women.
but i'd rather not have to be there so instead i like to just think 
of it as an hour or two to zone out 
and read magazines.

i could have really used the zone out time.
but nope.
doors were opened.
walls let down.
tears shed.  
hugs given.
fears and ideas shared.
perfect strangers bonded.
tanks filled.
magazines left unread.

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