Thursday, March 5, 2015

travelin'...highs and lows

work calls me to new york fairly often.
headquarters is there.
my extended team is there.
i sometimes have to be there.
i usually work it so that i'm on the first flight out in the morning. 
then on the last flight home.
it makes for a very long day.
but it means i'm only away from home for a day.
that's better for the kids/home.
but it's kinda torture for me.

so when meeting schedules mean i have to do an overnight
 i try to make the most of it.
set-up all my face-to-face meetings.
have coffee or drinks with a colleague.
take a stroll down 5th avenue for some shopping.
hit a food truck.
and when schedules align meet-up with my
 brother and sister-in-law for dinner.
how cute are they?
then it was back to the hotel,
with a surprise upgrade to the penthouse suite.
high roller, right?
not exactly.

reality sets in pretty quick.
missing home.
facetime connection problems
heart hurting.
guilt feeling.
and then there's the dreaded commute home the next day.
in a snow storm.
penthouse dwelling replaced with a
corner of the floor at penn station near a outlet.

travelin' highs, lows
and all the stuff in between.

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