Tuesday, October 20, 2015

thankful tuesday 10/21

this particular season is full.
a good full, but also a whole lot of heavy full.
kinda like that pumpkin picture up there.
it looks good, it's even accessorized, but man it's really heavy 
and incredibly awkward to hold it up for the picture.
(notice my knuckles buckling to hold it up).

well this season is definitely full...full of some really good cinderella pumpkin stuff, 
but i'm kinda grunting to hold it up for the picture.
well not for the picture, but for my family, friends, soccer team, 
girl scout troop, research, conference, husband, inbox, laundry, calendar, me.
i know what i want it to look like.
it's getting done.
i'm having a lot of fun, and when i'm not there is a whole lot of grace 
to be thankful for in the process.

and that's what i'm trying hard to remember and hold on to in this season.
not the grunting, but the beauty and grace that is life giving. 
i call them my bits.
my thankful bits.
and this kind of list is far more fulfilling than 
the to-do list sitting on my desk!

  • breathing, not grunting
  • backyard hikes
  • soccer practices under the moon
  • books that jump off the bookshelf and onto my lap when they need too
  • a jerry maguire moment...and the storm that followed
  • being in the storm
  • bundling up and hiking up the mountain in the the storm
  • celebrating two of my favorites' special birthday
  • ella's piano fingers
  • small group confessions
  • october
  • trash tv
  • jane girl moments and sweet apologies
  • pumpkin, scarecrow and chili cook-off fun with our friends
  • backyard blessings
  • bennett's contagious giggle and new "big sister inspired" eye roll
  • homework rhythms that are working
  • my go with the flow, do anything i need, execute impromptu brainstorms partner in crime
  • unpacking my thermals

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