Saturday, March 19, 2016

game of life bits

as we welcome the first day of spring, 
a little look back at our game of life these last few weeks.  
while our family boardgame "spins" did not bring twins, 
lawsuits or choice of careers,  it did bring some of this.

welcoming gus to the farm
cherished few remaining afternoon naps
visiting these friends 
breaking out the bikes
remembering childhood breakfasts with my grandparents
always finding the best reading nooks
feeling foxy
minion sillies
and more sillies
our dapper boy
father daughter dance date 
mother son football fun date
girlfriend antiquing date
sentence writing discipline blues
dr. seuss silly sentences
recipe love
bakery love
toast love
my true love
soccer saturdays
business in sunny san francisco
celebrating international women's day with my mercer sisters
lunch with a few
little b...bennett not brady
sunday service picnic 
sunset swing
full t-shirt baskets after winter's restaurants 
a day at the un
fever baby and dr. gus
tea and toast for fever mama
march madness bracket strategy

embracing it all

carry on dear warriors,
and happy spring!

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